10 Most Beautiful Jellyfish In The World

Jellyfish are free-swimming marine animals. There are hundreds of different species of Jellyfish and new species are still found. Though most people fear an encounter with a jellyfish, in some cultures they are a popular dish. Jellyfish can be found in every ocean, from the surface to the deep sea. Some species of jellyfish inhabit freshwater. Jellyfish have been proven to exist at least 500 million years, making them the oldest multi-organ animal. Here’s a list of 10 awesome Jellyfish species

1. Black sea nettle (Chrysaora achlyos)

Also known as Black Jellyfish, this beautiful species of jellyfish is found in the Pacific Ocean. Its bell diameter can reach up to one meter and its oral arms can extend to 5 or 6 meters. Black sea nettles are carnivorous and usually feed on zooplankton and other jellyfish. Most Beautiful Jellyfish In The World: Black sea nettle

2. Lion’s mane jellyfish (Cyanea capillata)

Also known as Hair Jelly, Lion’s mane jellyfish is the largest known species of jellyfish. It is capable of attaining a bell diameter of 2.5 meters (8.2 ft) and the tentacles of larger specimens can trail as long as 30 meters (98 ft) or more. The largest specimen found reached 120 feet (37 m) in length, which makes it longer than a blue whale and is considered one of the longest known animals in the world. Despite the size of this jelly, most of the encounters with humans cause only temporary pain and the sting is not known to be fatal

3. White Spotted Jellyfish (Phyllorhiza punctata)

Also known as Floating Bell, this beautiful jellyfish is native to the West Pacific from Australia to Japan, and reach an average of 45–50 cm (18–20 in) in bell diameter. They have a mild or non-noticeable sting which can be cured with vinegar

4. Purple Striped Jelly (Chrysaora colorata)

The Purple Striped Jelly is also known as Mauve Stinger. It exists primarily off the coast of California in Monterey Bay. The bell of the jellyfish is up to 70 cm (27.6 inches) in diameter. The sting of this jellyfish is extremely painful to humans but is rarely if ever fatal

5. Cannonball Jellyfish (Stomolophus Meleagris)

Also known as Cabbage Head Jellyfish, the bell of this species can reach 25 cm (10 inches) in diameter

6. Jelly Blubber (Catostylus mosaicus)

The most commonly encountered jellyfish along the Australian eastern coast, the Jelly Blubber can reach a bell diameter of only 35 centimeters (14 in). The sting can be painful but generally poses no serious risk to humans

7. Diplulmaris Antarctica

Found only in Antarctica, this species can only grow to 4 cm wide

8. Crossota Sp

Crossota Sp is a red medusa found off the bottom of the deep Arctic

9. Blue Button (Porpita porpita)

Although it looks similar to a jellyfish, the Blue Button is actually a colony of hydrozoan polyps. It lives on the surface of the sea and it drifts passively. It has a single mouth located beneath the float, which is used for both the intake of prey and the expulsion of wastes

10. Atolla Jellyfish (Atolla wyvillei)

Also known as Coronate Medusa or Alarm Jellyfish, this species lives deep in oceans around the world. The Atolla is bioluminescent – when attacked, it will launch a series of flashes in order to draw other predators who will be more interested in the attacker than itself