4 speaking skills, you can chat with anyone

Better speaking skills, your world is a bit wider. Stealing 92 masters’ speech scoring: cleverly breaking ice, breaking into the core of the group, whoever you want to know.

The negotiating pioneer selected by the big boss must be the one with good eloquence; in the love field, people who know how to be happy are always more fragrant; those who are good at chatting, new friends will come one after another. It is not natural to speak, but it is not difficult to speak.

From the social archaeology question below, “What are you doing?” the masters and the average person’s communication skills are judged:

When person opens the door, he asks, “What are you doing?”

Potential mines: If the interviewer happens to be laid off by the company, is a housewife, or is inspected by the IRS…, when asked about this issue, it is inevitable.

The expert will asked: “How is your time arranged?”

When you hear this question, those who are hard-working, guilty, and worried can breathe a sigh of relief, and then sing praises for your intimacy; and those who want to talk about work can also speak freely.

When asked about this question, how can I answer it before I can create opportunities for myself? Quite simply, the expert will add “benefits” to your oral resume, for example:

Property Finder: Don’t just say that you are “Property Finder”, saying that you “can help to find the ideal house.”

Liberal: Don’t just say that you are a “specialist” but say that you “can help save the money you need to use later.”

Hair stylist: Don’t just say that you are a “hair stylist” and say that you “can help find a hairstyle that suits every person’s face.”

Conversational scoring

Tip 1: “Thank you” can’t do it, be sure to add

The word “thank you” that I said casually has been heard too much. To make them more meaningful, I must make it clear what I am thanking, like: “Thank you for waiting for me for so long”, “Thank you for your long-term patronage”, “Thank you for helping me.”

Tip 2: Let praise be like a boomerang, return to the master’s hand

Many people are not accustomed to hearing the praises of others (such as “the shoes you wear today look good”), always reflectively say: “No,” “Where!” This is nothing but a shot at the other’s eyes and taste. Next time I remember trying to say, “Thank you, I am so happy that you have noticed!” Turning the praise to the other person.

Tip 3: Cake and social can’t have both

If you want to be perfect in a social setting, remember to learn it again! The people in the expert walked in the party, never left hand a drink, and right hand a full plate of food. Seeing your jaw full, those who want to talk to you will skip you.

Tip 4: Echo, follow the other person’s words

This is the skill that many super salesmen are using. For example, when selling a car, the other party mentioned that their children are “my children” or “our little boy”. When introducing “child safety locks”, they should abandon the profession term and use “children’s security lock” and “safe locks that your boy can use” to impress each other. Similarly, selling office furniture to lawyers will never call the other person’s office as “company”. You should use “office”.

How to turn “Where is your hometown” into a problem of super hit topics?

You won’t dream of going naked to the feast. By the same reason, I don’t think you want to face two problems when you talk to people. It’s as cold and embarrassing as not wearing clothes. Both of these questions are very common, and both can be said to be frequent visitors at the banquet; one of them is “Where are you from?” and the other is “What are you doing?”

Usually asked these two questions, most people are like throwing frozen steak on a fragile porcelain plate, or throwing a name or position that is headless to the other party. It is not to leave an inexplicable title, so that the object of the talks can’t figure it out. In either case, the result is the same: the other person shuts up and does not want to care about you.

When you are at the conference venue, every new friend you know will always ask you, “Where are you from?” This is a must. And when you give them a short, dry place name: “Hey, my hometown is Muscatine”, “Millinocket”, “Nevada Winnemucca”, or other unique names that make them unfamiliar. What kind of reaction do you think they have in addition to their faces?

Even if your home is relatively well-known, it is better to find a city on the map like Denver in Colorado, Detroit in Michigan, or San Diego in California. The other party is not necessarily able to stand up unless he is a fan of National Geographic magazine or a professor of the Department of History of the University. Hearing your answer, the others will only be anxious like an ant on a hot pot, thinking about how to answer it, and madly saying, “What should I say?”

Moreover, even if you come from a world-class metropolis like New York, Chicago, Washington, DC, or Los Angeles, the people you hear will not be able to respond enthusiastically. I told others that I am from the Big Apple New York. What should they say? It’s hard to say: “New York, I am familiar, robbing a lot!”

Listen to me, be yourself and a favor for yourself, and help everyone. From now on, I will hear people asking where you are from, where is your hometown, don’t be so embarrassed, talk a little more, and say no to the empty words, how about it? Please play a little more, so that the person who asks has a little more fuel to make this conversation go further. The other can’t wait for you to say more, let them fill the fuel tank so that their social engine cannot be turned off. If your words are dry food, the other is a nomad who has not eaten for three days. Give them more! No need, you can only say one or two sentences to introduce your hometown; perhaps it is a special product there, perhaps a local celebrity, or it may be an anecdote. In short, the other party is drowning, and you will throw a lifebuoy to him!

A few months ago, a professional trade union invited me to give a speech. They hoped that I would talk about the establishment of contacts, and by the way, share the skills of oral communication with members. Before the speech, the staff helped me to introduce Ms. Dai Fulin, the president of the union.

“Hello.” She opened her mouth first.

“Hello.” I am reply.

Then the president smiled and couldn’t wait for me to show a few tricks. I asked her where her home was. She said, “Columbus, Ohio” to me, and then immediately showed a big smile, waiting to see how I respond. When I had to let my brain work to see if I could come up with a hot response as soon as possible to let the two talks continue up.

All my brain cells have been mobilized, and the following thinking process has been accomplished: “Well, Columbus Town, I have never been to Columbus Town. Well, it is a bit tricky. What do I know about Columbus Town? I know one is a the successful speaker is Jeff. He seems to live there now. But Columbus is not so small that she will know Jeff…. And “recognition” seems to be a game that children can play.” I look outside. It is also very comfortable, but the heart continues to stir. “I think this place name should be from the navigator Columbus… but I am not sure. I don’t think I should mention this. It’s much more wrong.” After that, I quickly thought of other possibility, but in the end it was dispelled, because thinking about these topics is not too deep, too naive, and it’s not too much.

Thinking of this, I was alarmed that time passed for a second and a second. Ms. Dai Fulin still stood in front of me, and her smile became more and more stiff. She is obviously waiting for my “expert” to give her a tutor. Anyway, less than an hour later, I also want to teach their members, and teach to talk, is to talk and laugh. I think the president expects that I can bend the iron rod with my mouth and let the dead resurrect!

“Hey, Columbus, I know.” I barely squeezed out a few words, but the expression on the face of the president was distorted as if she were a patient lying on the operating table and looking at the surgeon holding the surgery knife bowed and asked her: “Where is the cecum sputum?”

In the end, I still didn’t think of anything from the town of Columbus, but my sacrifice is worth it, because I got a lesson from this bloody knife, and this lesson has become a skill, a “Where to come from, say a few more words” skills. I think future generations will miss me.

Tip: Where to come from, say a few more words

“Where are you from?” This is an archaeological problem that will surely appear in social situations. When asked such a question, don’t try to test the other’s imagination, it is unfair to him and to you. And I don’t want to test, don’t overestimate the other’s imagination, meaning you don’t let the other person think that your answer is very dry; you should try to say a few words.

Regarding your hometown, you should always accumulate some interesting common sense or gossip, so that you can use it to give the ball to the other party. The ball you call them is good, the “quality” of their return ball will be higher, and the return ball is good. They will naturally feel happy chatting with you and write some credit on you.

Due to the bait of the fish, it is suitable for people.

Those who can fish, you know that you need to use different baits for fishing different fish. Today you have to catch small shrimps and shrimp baits. If you want to catch black squid, you have to buy a live fish as bait. Same, you are confronted with different objects today, and the topics you throw must also have a choice. Some people are weak shrimps, some are shrewd white sharks, and your hooks and baits should naturally match them. In my case, my hometown is Washington, DC. If someone asks me in a gallery about which city I am from, I might answer: “Washington, DC, do you know who is the urban design of Washington, DC? Is it the same person who designed Paris?” You did the starting point, there are more potential topics between; you can continue to talk about how urban planning is an art, you can talk about all kinds of Paris, you can talk about the good and bad design of other cities, you can talk about European travel, family Unprecedented to prepare.

In the case of being single, I will answer: “I am from Washington, DC, and I left because the ratio of men to women is one to seven.” With this beginning, you can continue to talk about singles sweet and bitterness, you can talk about where good men gone, and even exchange ideas and learn how to attract men.

For political occasions, the ever-changing Washington political scene can be said to be my treasure house. I can believe in a certain current event. Different positions will naturally quarrel. You definitely don’t have to be afraid of cold spots. You need to worry about no way to close.

Where do you go to find the bait that you use to raise the topic? You can call the business office or historical society of your township or city first to see what information they have on the other side. Another great thing about high technology is that you can search the Internet for your hometown; if you don’t want to plug in, you can open an encyclopedia that is a bit old but still very easy to use. No matter which one, you can get a lot of inspiration from it, and you will get the inspiration for chatting in the future. When you use the book, you hate it. You should always keep your curiosity about history, geography, economy, statistics, etc., plus a few jokes and some sense of humor. I believe that friends you have not met will definitely be you. I am very happy.

The episode with President Devlin gave me the motivation to do further research. When I got home that day, I immediately called the Business and History Society in Columbus. Suppose you are also a folks in Columbus, Ohio, and your new friend asks you, “Where is your hometown?”, how can you answer? Suppose your friend is a business, then you may try to answer: “My hometown is in Columbus, Ohio. You know that many big companies choose to test their products in Columbus because Columbus’ population has consumers who can represent the normal state of the United States. In fact, Columbus has a nickname “the most American towns and villages.” Some people say that things can be sold well in Columbus, and they can be sold well throughout the United States; they are not sold well in Columbus, and the entire United States does not. It might be good to sell.”

If the other person is a lady surnamed German, you can share the German background of Columbus with her. You can tell her about the German-style brick street in the town and the lovely cottage that seems to return to the 1850s. . These things must make her homesickness and the ancient feelings of the ancients come to life. Is the person you are chatting with surnamed Italian name? You can tell him that Columbus has a sister city, Genoa in Italy.

Is the other party very fascinated by American history? You can tell him that the origin of Columbus’s place name is really the navigator Columbus we know, and there is a replica of the Santa Maria on the river Scioto River. Santa Maria). Is the other party still a student? You can tell him that Columbus is small, and there are as many as five universities in town…