80% of employees who leave, leaving not “company” but “supervisor”

Why you can’t be a supervisor, there are two possible reasons…

Do you want to be a supervisor, you have to! Whether the supervisor must have availability, not necessarily.

Both subordinates and even companies are looking forward to superb competence and ability, can lead their subordinates and promote their subordinates, but in the real workplace, unintentional supervisors, all over the street.

In the face of such a situation, after the shift, there will always be a group of people with very good feelings laughing at the supervisor, imitating the incompetent appearance of the supervisor.

Why someone like that also can be a supervisor, the possible reason is that he has been working for a long time.

It’s also a kind of ability for working a long time. A stone that doesn’t grow moss, but becomes a senior in the same company, he becomes very skilled full, what happens every season, he sees more, plus he able to notice early , so he’s promoted.

Another unintentional supervisor is that the family background is amazing.

I often think that this is a matter of reincarnation. You should treat him as a kind of strength. This will make you feel better if you want to vote for a wrong child. Otherwise, every day, your supervisor is relying on dad and relying on relationships. The supervisor can’t break the relationship with Dad. So you will be better off with a kind of strength. At least you can blame yourself. If you didn’t work hard, you have to start from roots. (sad).

Ok! When the person with a prominent family background is your supervisor. you need to learn to accept it. Otherwise, you have to go and mad yourself why didn’t born with gold. There is no way to let you rely on it.

Unexpected supervisor can survive?  Can.

As long as he can know the uplink people and manage it up, he can jump and jump, and his health is great. His promotion is probably not too important for him because he really does not rely on “doing” good managing and promote! Why are you embarrassing him!

Unexpected supervisors are most afraid of using one of the subordinates who are too powerful; are under pressure to the incompetent supervisor. The subordinates who are too powerful will be vocal supervisors, and the supervisor’s instructions will be unflawed, either the supervisors willing to tolerate, or the subordinate be forced to leave. 

This vicious circle continues, that is, the team is getting worse and worse, the value of non-mainstream has become mainstream, and the incorrect ideas have become king.

Executives have expected ability, would be more obedient subordinate, subordinate will admire the ability of competent and will want to strive to catch extent with highly competent, under no weak soldiers forcing, because of weak soldiers forcing themselves, or to being forced to become stronger, or being beaten to death.

Gunnery Sgt. Shawn D. Angell is a drill instructor at the Officer Candidate School aboard Marine Corps Base Quantico, Va., dedicated to training, educating, evaluating and screening the many candidates who go through the course and turning them into Marine leaders.

Is it important a supervisor? Invincible is important. What kind of supervisor brings out what kind of subordinates, only the supervisor who loves to take advantage will bring out the subordinates who also love to take gifts; the supervisor of corruption will also follow the same subordinates, because the same type of people be in a group.

Seriously working and active supervisors, the subordinates will be of this type. Supervisors and subordinates are often like parents and children. The behavioral mode of going to work is basically re-enacted. Please go to a good supervisor to lead the team. The performance of the team will not be too bad, the style of the principal, has far-reaching effects.

As a supervisor, I have to look forward to myself, self-discipline, and self-improvement. I have seen several compilers of foreign power groups. When celebrating the birthday party, birthday wishes “I hope that the English level of the supervisor will be better”.

Because these children who stayed in the United States and UK quickly found that the English level of the supervisors was very poor, they were deeply dissatisfied, but they were not good at speaking. They had to make a wish on their birthday, and hope that the ability of the supervisor could become stronger. It’s funny and sad.