After 7 Months Apart, Cat BFFs Become Brothers

After a long journey from Mississippi to Maine, Dwight K. Schrute Marsh found his eternal home. However, his new mother did not know that Dwight’s foster family in Mississippi had a best friend. Fate intervened, and the cat BFF reunited seven months later.

Megan Marsh had considered the idea of ​​having a cat. When she met Dwight at the Animal Welfare Association, she knew this moment had arrived. She and Dwight knew they were in love with each other, and Megan became the first mother cat!

Megan told “Dodo”: “Dwight is the cutest cat I have ever seen.” “I have never raised a cat before him, worrying that I will get a detached cat, just doing my own thing -Dwight is not that cat! “

“Right from the very first day he loved belly rubs, kisses and cuddles. He follows me around my apartment, has to be with me at all times and sleeps with me every night.”

But Dwight had a friend back at the foster home he originally came from in Mississippi. Megan knew nothing about this best friend until she got a call one day.

Seven Months Apart, But Soon Together Forever
For a whole year, Dwight shared his Mississippi foster home with a cat named Conan. They were the best of friends, but when it was time for Dwight to go, Conan wasn’t ready for a forever home yet. And the pair were separated.

But fast forward seven months and Megan got a phone call. Dwight’s foster mom shared the tale of the best friends, relating Conan would soon be heading to the Animal Welfare Society in Maine where Dwight and Megan met. The foster mom asked if Megan might be willing to adopt Conan so the cat buds could be together again.

At first, Megan worried about the idea of taking in another cat. After all, being a cat mom was still a relatively fresh endeavor.

“After giving it some thought though it just made sense — they were best friends before, I would have been crazy not to reunite them!”

So, Conan had a forever home before he even left Mississippi and unbeknownst to either cat, they would soon be reunited.

Best Friends Become Brothers
Understandably, Conan was a scared kitty upon arriving at his new home in Maine. But, as soon as he saw Dwight, he grew calmer and eventually settled in.

“He and Dwight remembered each other and were friends once again — I actually got up in the middle of the night to find the two of them cuddling in Dwight’s little bed,” said Megan. “It was the cutest thing ever!”

“They are now inseparable. If one is around, the other one is usually right there too. It is clear this was the best decision!”

Although Dwight and Conan lived apart for seven months, these cat boys were destined to be the best friends and brothers together. Congratulations, Swamp Family!