After A Year Of Neglect, The Old English Shepherd Rose From The Fur Mound

We are always shocked because the owner ruthlessly ignores the state that some dogs endure. If the story of this dog has any reference, it is to have the appropriate will and prepare your pet so that the right person takes care of him/her!

The story of Cocos began when his owner, an old Russian man, passed away. He left the property and the dog to his family. But there was a dispute about how to divide his estate. The family argued that they decided to leave the dog in the deceased’s apartment to protect valuables. A year has passed, and during that time, the dog only got food and water, but almost nothing else.

According to the “Daily Mail” report, only after the inheritance rights have been resolved, a talented person called animal workers to take the dog, because they want to sell the apartment.

Dog rescuer Vitaly Kornilova said in an interview with a British newspaper: “He can barely walk and is in a pitiful state. Relatives called us to take him away because they decided after the succession paperwork I want to sell this house. “

Rescuers were shocked by their discovery of the ancient British Shepherd. This dog has not been groomed or cleaned once. A few months of negligence meant that his fur was a knot of poop and pee. He can hardly walk.

They took him away and began the difficult process of cleaning and grooming him. They spent almost a day.

When he was shaved, they found sores and abscesses on his skin.

But his ordeal is over and he can start the next chapter of his life. The short-tailed cat is lucky to go home with a woman who has experience in caring for these special dogs.

When you see him shave and clean, Cocos looks very different!

What a bad experience he has experienced, but it is good to know that after he has undergone an amazing transformation, he has found someone to take care of him.

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