Almost hairless puppy re-grows after being rescued

When Terra was rescued for the first time, she had almost no hair and looked very scared. Her hair loss is the result of skin conditions, probably because her previous family members were ignored. This poor puppy has a lot of work to recover, and she doesn’t even know what it’s like to be loved. Fortunately, a kind veterinary worker from West Sussex, England, decided to help Terra complete the rehabilitation process.

Due to a disease called “mange”, Terra lost most of its fur. Mange is a terrible mammalian skin disease caused by mites. Animals with this disease are usually hairless and their skin is covered by sores.

Mange is common for stray dogs and dogs who are abused or neglected. To help animals recover from mange, they need medicated shampoo and a topical cream to help get rid of bugs.

Terra’s Recovery

Veterinary assistant Jessie DeFreitas fell in love with Terra because of “beautiful eyes”. DeFreitas already has four cats and a dog rescuer at home, but she knows she can provide space for Terra. After all, if this puppy is not signed to the vet, she may not survive.

First, DeFreitas asked to raise this puppy. Terra needs constant care, so she is willing to provide her with a safe and loving home.

At that time, she gave her honey a name, but soon she knew that the name did not suit her. This is because at first, Terra was angry and would bite too much. At that time she certainly did not look as sweet as honey, so her name was changed to Terra.

Over time, as Terra recovered from her mange, she became more loving. Eventually, all her hair grew back, and she ended up with a beautiful brown and white coat. She ended up being more friendly and sweet than before.

“She is recovering well. You can see it in her eyes. She is getting happier.” DeFreitas said. “She is awesome. She is just the kindest and cutest thing.”

DeFreitas already has a lot of animals to take care of, but she is happy that she has opened a happy heart to Terra. The veterinary assistant has a great affection for animals. She can’t just say no to the puppy she needs. Even though she was initially cultivating Terra, she decided to adopt her. Thanks to the kind heart of DeFreitas, even though Terra has experienced everything