Angel Gives Great Dane With Terminal Cancer The Best Gift Ever

Imagine if you will, finding a special someone that makes your soul smile. Someone who lights up the room with a single wiggle and wag. Someone whose very presence is such a force, his greatness can scarcely be denied. For those of us with the dogs that make our lives incredibly meaningful, it’s not hard to imagine at all. 

What if this special someone came into your life just as his own was coming to a conclusion? For Great Dane lover and rescuer Erika Calle, who runs the Cambria, CA rescue group, One Dane, at a Time, that was exactly the situation she faced when Kronicles, aka Kron, came into her life. 

Despite a grim prognosis, Erika and her rescue group took Kron in with open arms, hearts, and minds. They gave him a new lease on life and the promise of the best-case scenario possible, for each and every one of his remaining days. 

Kron’s Cancer

When Erika first met Kron he was very sick. He had two large masses on his backside, one of which had ruptured. He was significantly underweight, with the large bones of his massive frame protruding out. Several vets had evaluated his health and decided nothing could be done. It was simply a matter of time. 

Not one to give up and give in, Erika brought Kron to the Cambria Animal Medical Center. Dr. Suzy Van Beurden agreed to perform surgery on Kron in an attempt to remove the masses. After a heroic five hour effort, the tumors were removed.  Kron recovered incredibly well. He gained a whopping 77 pounds and along with an excellent appetite, had energy and appeared to be feeling well. That was in October.

In April, Erika noticed that Kron’s joints appeared to be swollen, so she took him to see Dr. Van Beurden. Of course, they feared that his cancer had come back. X-rays confirmed the difficult, sad news. The cancer was back, with a vengeance. Kron’s lungs had been infiltrated with countless tumors. Erika listened as Dr. Van Beurden advised that Kron become a hospice patient.

A Bucket List Built for a Prince

Erika made a decision. She would keep Kron comfortable and manage his symptoms at home with her for the remainder of his days. But she took it a giant step further. She gave Kron a send-off worthy of a prince, fulfilling his every desire with a bucket list of epic proportions. That bucket list garnered Kron and his rescuer some significant social medial attention. 

Living the High Life

Kron checked item after item off his bucket list and if these images are any indication, he definitely enjoyed the high life for as long as his body was able.

Kron received tons of Starbucks gift cards and became a big fan of the puppaccino. Unable to contain his excitement, he climbed right out to the take out window ledge to start slurping.

Ah, the salt air. Does it get any better than a sea breeze lifting your ears into flight? Kron seems impressed with the blue water, climbing up to take a closer look.

Kron met real life heroes and took the picture to prove it. These firefighters were more than happy to oblige for the big guy.

Not only did Kron get to visit the beautiful Central Coast, he got to catch bottomless chicken nuggets in the process. Done and done!

Kron was nothing if not a lover and he got the chance to show his soft side to this special friend. Who doesn’t love a drive-by kiss on the neck?

What a lucky lady to be behind the counter on the day Kron came by to place his very own order for ice cream. Sprinkles or nuts, Kron? Both, I think.

No bucket list would be complete without a good old fashioned lei. Kron donned his best party gear and lavished being the center of all the festive attention.

Here Kron was having a delicious looking burger, fireside, at a fancy table. Romantic dinner in a classy restaurant? Check, check, check!

You gotta have friends and Kron had them in spades! This guy got as much playtime with his big beautiful buds as possible.

The Rainbow Bridge

Sadly, on July 8th at 4:33 pm, iHeartDogs received word of Kron’s passing. Our hearts were broken to hear this news. Erika and One Dane at a Time will always hold Kron close to their hearts and let him serve as an inspiration to continue the work they do rescuing Danes. Our whole iHeartDogs team will never forget this big boy either, as we felt like we knew him. See you over the Rainbow Bridge Kron.

About One Dane at a Time

Erika runs the 501c, One Dane at a Time out of Cambria, California on the Central Coast. She just launched the rescue last September and has already taken in nearly 75 of these amazing dogs. The group focuses solely on Great Danes and many of their rescues have health issues.

One Dane at a Time is so grateful for the support that has been shown for Kron and his journey. The outpouring of love, care packages, and gifts has been absolutely awe-inspiring. We encourage everyone to pitch in and help out this wonderful organization. If you are so-called, One Dane at a Time welcomes donations of any amount directly at their website.