Before and after, rescue and use magic

Rescue cats can bring eternal family and a happy heart. However, rescue and adoption not only mean creating a happy home but also saving lives. Many cats and kittens wandering in our lives have experienced hardships before they find comfort and love.

It has been scientifically proven that cats have an excellent memory, which means they will remember the quality of events. Although the fur baby who has experienced a traumatic event may always carry the scars that occur, the love and safety provided by a kind human can help the kitten get rid of the predicament and leave happy and comfortable memories.

Rescue and adoption rates aren’t an exact science at this point, but thanks to the creation of a national database by Shelter Animals Count, we’re getting a better idea of animal rescue and adoption figures nationwide. Breaking down the statistics gathered in the national database, the ASPCA reports:

An estimated 6.5 million companion animals are taken in by U.S. animal shelters annually. Cats comprise around 3.2 million of that total number.
Of the roughly 3.2 million shelter animals adopted yearly, 1.6 million are cats.
The cats in the photos below are part of these figures. And however these felines came to be a part of the rescue circuit, they all overcame hardship thanks to the magic of rescue and adoption.

From Alone to Loved
Some of the photos below are upsetting, start scrolling with that in mind. And remember, all these sweet kitty cats are happy and healthy now.
Cricket had to overcome malnourishment so severe, his legs were bowed. But now, he’s a loved and handsome cat with the fluffiest tail ever!

When it comes to a cat, adoption can happen in all ways. Sometimes, a cat wanders up and decides you’re the one. Just like Scout! Before finding her person, Scout was a “skinny, scrawny cat”. But now, she’s “a healthy, happy lap cat!”

Ginger cat Ollie was rescued from “horrible people” and in 3 months’ time, he grew into a tabby cat with the biggest smile around.

Peter, aka PigPen, “was extremely thin, dirty and the backs of his legs and tail were sore and raw.” After time in a doting foster home, PigPen thrived, becoming the mischievous kitten he was meant to be.

Tommy the Tomcat was found on a street by a kind family. He was seriously ill and a vet confirmed he’d been poisoned. After two weeks of medications and love, Tommy was healthy and safe in his new home.

At one time, Wheezy was an ill and scared kitten. But now he’s a healthy, gorgeous kitty boy thanks to rescue and adoption…

Without the care of emergency personnel and volunteers, this ginger tabby kitten may have lost both eyes forever. But, as you can see, his eyes are open to the world …

If you are interested in voluntary or adoption with cats or kittens, please contact your local humanitarian association or rescue organization. Help cats who need help find opportunities in the magic of eternal family.