Belarusian The Cross-Eyed Cat Is A Boy With Heart

Cross-eyed cats have super cute expressions, but they are usually binocular or Siamese or other eastern breeds. Although not Belarus. He is a Nebelung boy with yellow round eyes staring at himself instead of the world. The fluffy gray-brown silver-smoky cat looks more handsome because of his eye condition.

In Belarus, this cat has a disease called strabismus, which means that he has “abnormal muscles behind his eyes or nerves that control these muscles.”

His mother Rachel Krall told The Daily Mail that he was like other curious cats. He is really adventurous and likes to explore new environments. “

Falls in love at first sight at Googly

Rachel first discovered Belarus in June 2018, when San Francisco Animal Care & Control published photos of Nebelung cats (also known as Russian longhair cats). He has been expelled from his home due to disputes with the landlord, but he is destined not to be homeless for a long time. Although Rachel was a lifelong animal lover, she had never raised a cat before.

But seeing Belarus, she knew they were destined to become a family.

“When I first met him, I just thought he was the funniest cat ever. I had never really been a cat person before but thought he would be the perfect cat. I sent his adoption photo to After my family, their response was very similar. They told me that you have to see him, so I did it. “

Since then Belarus and Rachel have been a happy couple. She said to the smoky gray cat: “Belarus’ favorite toys are balls, cable ties, and any other small objects that can put down their paws.”

“One of his interesting habits is trying to bury coffee and other” bad “smells.”

Beyond Handsome, Belarus is a Cat with Heart

After adoption, Belarus and Rachel have a soft spot for rescue shelters to improve the lives of animals in need. With these unique perspectives, Belarus, with its reputation on the Internet, launched a fundraising campaign to sell T-shirts and sweatshirts, 100% of which was used for local shelters and charities.

Rachel reports: “Last year, we donated the US $ 6,000 to the shelter, US $ 4,000 to the Belarusian shelter SFACC, and the US $ 1,000 to the Sonoma Community Animal Response Team to help them save animals from the Sonoma wildfire and to Auckland Cat City donated $ 1,000. I initially donated only 50% of the profits to the shelter, but in fact, I have donated 100% of the proceeds. “

Although he is cute to work hard for a beautiful career, Belarus is just a humble young man who loves snacks and helps his mother to hang out in the house and becomes #cuddlepuddle during the nap.