Big Blue Beauty Needs a Forever Home – Let’s Help Him Get It!

Introducing Fenway! This absolutely gorgeous guy has many special characteristics that make him a stand out but he’s got one notch on his collar that isn’t so great. We are hoping our community of dog lovers can help him shed the title. He is currently the longest-term resident at OC Animal Care in Tustin, California. He’s been lovingly cared for at this shelter since January of 2018. It’s high time Fenway finds his forever home.

Enjoys Long Walks on the Street

This guy would be a perfect fit for an active person who regularly goes out for long walks or runs. Fenway would make great hiking, running, power walking, beach jogging buddy. He has the energy and stamina to go the distance but with some focused leash training, he will be able to enjoy a more meandering pace as well. Fenway is very treated responsive and this smart cookie will train well given positive reinforcement from a loving leader.

Loves Watching the World Go By

After even a short jaunt around the block, Fenway loves to take a cool drink of water and then plop down to watch the world go by. People-watching is a favorite pastime of his and the volunteers at the shelter are happy to show off this calm, relaxed side.

A Big Goof Ball

At six years old, he is an adult who hasn’t lost sight of his puppy side. He is quick to revel in regular zoomies around the yard, with or without a stuffy in his mouth, and wiggling in the grass brings happiness to his heart and those who have the pleasure of witnessing him do it.

The Ideal Family

The ideal family for Fenway would be one where he gets to be an only pup although he does play well with others in the playgroup at the shelter. He’s good with kids. His mama or papa would be most successful if they are bully breed experienced and physically fit. Being a pit, he’s obviously got strength in spades and needs someone who can take charge and be the boss. He has a wonderful soft side that loves to be a cuddle bug so a bed-sharing situation would suit him just fine.

What YOU Can do to Help

Fenway needs our help. If this big love bomb sounds like a good fit for your family, contact the good folks at OC Animal Care. If not, please share his story. Somebody knows somebody who is gonna fall hard for Fenway. Let’s find Fenway’s forever friend!