Blind Kitten Gets A New View On Life

Cat lovers will do anything to help cats in need. Even if the cat is a wild cat with a standing guard to protect his mother. When it comes to wild cat mothers, you might as well deal with tigers.

However, her cute baby needs great help, because his eyes are covered by thick sc. Below this sc, the infection will definitely worsen. The poor little ginger was bumping and stumbling, unable to find his mother’s milk in the dark world. It was found that the kind soul of the family could not support and help the wild cat.

He said: “If I get close to them, I’m afraid the female cat will run away with the child.”
A valid point. Kittens who feel any threat will run before asking questions. Combining this trend with the care of his mother, he is right. The mother will definitely take her little daughter away.

A bowl of food and catch…….

Once the wild families are provided with food, they will get tired. Still, the curious cat’s paw reached into the bowl. As the rest of the family swallowed, the orange tabby cat wandered blindly, unable to find the source of the appetizing aroma.

Rescue workers tried to move in when mom and other kittens were eating, but mom remained “very alert.” She did not understand, “We are here to help her children, but for her, we are just a strange intruder.”

Aromatherapy experts also provide assistance on site. The workers were holding mats with relaxing herbs, hoping to calm their mother. According to the aromatherapist, “the floral scent will reduce her stress.”

It worked and my mother settled down. After the grey tabby cat settled down, the vet swooped in and caught the ginger kitten.

problem found

Once shipped to the veterinary office, you can see the severity of the problem.

His sores are dense on his eyes and pus oozes out, but once cleaned up, the vet will diagnose the problem.

Although the eyes of an orange tabby cat should be opened about ten days after birth, an infection occurred that caused the injury and closed the baby’s eyes. Over time, the infection ate on his cornea. The veterinarian reported: “The kitten may have been infected with the internal virus from her mother.”

But, there’s good news!

The damage won’t be permanent.

After surgical removal of the damaged cornea and treatment with antibiotics, the orange tabby cat opened his healing eyes and saw the world around him.

The mother is waiting

The kind volunteer who found the kitten returned to the scene where the kitten and his family were found. He was very happy to find the cat there. Mom’s cat is still looking for her missing baby.

However, the place where these cats hang out is too dirty to recover a recovering kitten. Volunteers sorted it out, cleaned up the trash, and placed a cat house for wild families on the spot.

When the kitten returned, he fell from the basket to meet his mother. She was happy that the dear kitten was back and her eyes were recovered.

Kind rescuers often check the kitten and his family, and this cat lover thinks involuntarily, this kitten will soon disappear in his home!