Bulldog Ran 15 Miles To Find His Eternal Home

Running is not for everyone, but Max the Pit Bull group loves it! In fact, he liked it so much that he decided to participate in the human race just for fun. He followed the runner’s footsteps and exploded, but in the end, he had nowhere to go. Poor Max is a wanderer. He desperately hopes that a kind runner can give him the home he deserves forever. Fortunately, many contest participants are happy to help you!

For the first time, Max was seen hanging around the road in Dunn, North Carolina. He soon discovered that a nearby group participated in the holiday charity event. Therefore, he thinks he should join too!

Run Like the Wind

In the game, Max kept in touch with many people. He spent a lot of time running beside a man named Charles Akers. At first, Akers just thought Max was another runner’s dog, so he didn’t think much. But Max seems to be everywhere!

Max is very happy to run among the people. He likes all the excitement and attention but soon proves that he is serious about the game. He is winning it!

The bulldog ran a total of 15 miles that day. Of these distances, at least 10 miles are with Akers. This puppy has the time of his life!

When Akers reached the finish line, he saw Max waiting on the nearby truck bed. He jumped off the truck and began to jump around excitedly. He was clearly waiting for the celebration after the game.

It was at this point that Ax realized that Max was a tramp. This poor puppy has no place to go home. The person in charge of the game intends to contact the authorities, but Akers has a better idea. He didn’t want to crush the excitement of this dog.

Max’s situation

Akers called his wife to tell her about the situation. Then he and Max waited for her to arrive. The excited puppies behaved very well and even listened to basic commands. It’s hard to believe that he is a wanderer!

Akers and his wife brought their new friend to the veterinarian to scan his chip. They were relieved to learn that he did have chips, so they immediately contacted his family. Unfortunately, they did not get the exciting news they expected.

“They replied,” Take him to the pound, we will consider it, “” Aker said.

Akers and his wife were heartbroken when they heard the news. They had hoped to adopt Max, but their house was already full. Their family already has 3 dogs and a cat, so they do not have enough space to accommodate the other four-legged family members.

Despite what they wanted, Akers and his wife brought Max to the Wake County Animal Center. They soon learned that this was not the first time Max had been left behind. His first family put him in a shelter because they had to move. A few months later, another family adopted him.

Shelter staff tried to contact Max ’s latest adopters, but they never called back. Therefore, Max must be adopted again.

Max’s Forever Home

Akers and other runners are determined to help Max find a loving home as soon as possible. They all know how sweet and loving this puppy is, so he deserves a perfect home.

“We have a message on Max, and the competition supervisor called to ensure that we have information about him,” said Dr. Jennifer Federico, the director of animal services. “This is what these runners are obsessed with him. They want us to know that he is so friendly, super happy, and will become a gem for a running family.”

Since all runners shared information about Max, news about Max quickly spread. Runner Chad Duffy soon saw Max’s photos online. After the death of their last dog, he and his family were planning to adopt a dog. Both he and his wife are triathletes, so they are interested in a dog that can run with them.

When the Duffy family heard about Max, he sounded perfect! They thought someone had adopted him, but they just took refuge in the case. Sure enough, he was there, waiting for his perfect family! Duffy (Duffy), his wife, and his daughter both had fast heartbeats, knowing that he was the dog they were looking for.

“He wrote the best biography for himself, he can find the best family for himself,” Federico said. “He went there, he thought,‘ look, it ’s about me, I like running. ’He wrote his own adoption advertisement. For him, it ’s a perfect family.”

Now, Max has realized his dream! He has plenty of time to run with his biological parents, sometimes up to 6 miles a day. To participate in that charity competition was the best decision of his life!