Cat Trapped In A Shipping Container, The Surviving Journey From China To Canada

Tough and powerful cats usually withstand the hardships that torment humans or other animals. Indeed, the cat is a mystery of will, with some magical things mixed into it. The cat’s journey proves this with its hardship and survival story.

Throughout the Pacific Ocean in Shenzhen, China, the curious journey hovered somehow in a shipping container, but the door behind her was closed. That part of her life will always be a mystery. However, what is certain is that Journey was trapped in a dark container for three weeks while sailing deep in a cargo ship bound for Vancouver, Canada. The container departed from Vancouver to Prince George, British Columbia.

The journey is still trapped inside.

In theory, the hungry cat drank the condensed water that formed on the wall of the shipping container. As for food, there is no food to eat during the 14,000-mile journey. The journey didn’t begin until employees of Prince George’s automotive glass distributor opened the container door.

Rescued but sick and afraid

After finding “journey” in the packaging materials, the animal control personnel transported the thin cat to SPCA in North Cariboo. The journey was taken to a veterinarian, where the animals entered the country for treatment and isolation regulations. The scared kitten is about six years old and weighs only 3 pounds when she puts it in a liquid and isolates it.

Alex Share, the manager of the SPCA North Cariboo region, said: “When I heard that the cat was staying in a container for a few weeks, I immediately knew that she not only had an amazing story, And it also requires a lot of care and rehabilitation to recover from suffering. “

Alex is right. After several weeks of infusion, vaccination, isolation, and slow reintroduction of food, Journey’s body started to get stronger, but her thoughts still haunted him. She was very scared of humans, and when someone approached, she would hide hiss. There are signs that the journey is a wild cat in China.

From horror to the hand of a foster mother

Despite her physical recovery, Journey still suffers psychologically from the pain she experienced. She stayed hungry for a few weeks, stayed alone in the darkness, and then re-introduced into the world by a strange place, where there are humans who want to poke and poke. She didn’t understand that they were just to help her. Under such fierce terror, the journey is difficult to overcome.

However, Dr. Karen van Haaften, a veterinary behaviorist certified by the board of directors, serves as senior manager of behavior and welfare at BC SPCA, and he believes that the scared cat can be helped.

As the foster mother of cats and cats, Dr. Van Haften worked on Journey for several months. From daring to get out of the bed to allow people to touch it by hand, the journey went a long way under the care and patience of Dr. van Haaften.

Like other undesirable cats, food is the key to winning tired cats. In addition, “Zhengdu” seems to be a naughty cat in its deepest nature. A simple wand toy helps to establish a connection between “Zhengtu” and her adoptive mother.

“What she can’t resist is this special wand toy. She twists a little and everything is cute,” Dr. Van Haften said.

Ready for Journey to Forever Home

Now, thanks to the hard work of her adoptive mother, Journey can be adopted!

The journey requires a quiet home, no other animals, only adults. In a Facebook post announcing her adoption, it was also revealed: “She likes to play games, and now she can bear being moved and is ready to build a permanent home where she can continue to build people’s trust.” Nine spent on the trip After a part of this life, Journey is ready to spend the rest of his life in peace and tranquility.