Crooked Snout Dog Finally Gets The Love He With A New Family

Mosley (Mosley) is a cute dog with a crooked snout. Sadly, in his previous residence, although this birth defect had no effect, it was ignored due to this simple birth defect. Fortunately, his new shelter shared his photos on social media, which earned him many caring fans.

Before he was officially adopted, Lindsay and Anson began to pay attention to him. They are not even looking for a dog, but when they saw his photo on the Internet for the second time, they fell in love.

Lindsey and Anson’s dogs died a few years ago, so they are still not sure if they are ready to raise another dog. However, they knew there would be no harm in visiting him at least. In addition, as he became so popular on social media, they knew they must act quickly.

When they visited Mosley, Lindsay kept reminding her family that they did not bring the dog home. She kept repeating it, but immediately, she knew it was not true. Only 10 minutes after meeting with Mosley, they knew he had intended to be part of their family.

Lindsey said that when she was sitting on the floor of the shelter, Mosley immediately came over to express her love and care. After that, it was almost impossible for her to continue to refuse.

With the consent of the whole family, they signed the document and took Mosley home. For them, his  crooked face was so cute, they couldn’t believe he was ignored in his previous residence.

Mosley was very happy to be with his new family. He not only loves Lindsay and Anson but also gets along very well with their two sons. As time passed, he even finally established contact with their cat. The cat was initially unsure of Mosley, but in the end the cute dog attracted him.

Mosley’s past is almost unknown, but Lindsay and Anson think he has been loved by someone before. He knew all the basic commands and received full potty training when he returned home. He was a grumpy dog ​​and they were so happy that they decided to adopt him.

After a long time searching for the perfect family, Mosley finally found them. His crooked nose does not get in his way. In fact, it only adds to his cuteness, and anyone who ignored him because it is missing out.

All dogs are different, which means they all equally deserve to be adopted. Next time you visit a shelter, don’t overlook any dogs because you never know which one will be the perfect companion for you.