Dad Spends Night At Shelter To Adopt Homeless Dog His Son Gave His Heart To

What did this father do so that his son could get a house dog, it was so nice!

Robert Lucas took his 5-year-old son to Spotsylvania Animal Shelter to pick the dog he wanted. His son picked a homeless dog named Gibbs and made up his mind to pick him up. No other dog can do it. But Gibbs has not yet been adopted. When Robert asked the staff of the shelter, they told him that there were several others who expressed interest in adopting black and tan dogs.

The refuge in Fredericksburg, Virginia, uses a first-come-first-served policy, so Robert knows he must take some measures to ensure that his family becomes the person who brought Gibbs home.

The day before the adoption of Gibbs, Robert drove to the shelter at night and spent the whole night in the parking lot of the shelter to ensure that he was the first person to enter the door when the shelter opened.

He told the online pilot that he did n’t regret his sleepless night: “I do n’t regret it for a second. He has been talking about dogs since the time my son woke up and went to bed. He is happy to have him, and he is his New good friends. They are inseparable. “