Deformed Dog Dumped At Kill Shelter For Being “Ugly” Becomes Worldwide Sensation

The dog who had been rejected for his appearance becomes Insta-Famous!

Pablo and Picasso had a rough start in life. Much like their namesake, famed artist Pablo Picasso, their uniqueness is what brought them major attention.

The duo was dumped at a kill shelter by backyard breeders who believed Picasso to be ugly. Believing he would never get adopted, they took Picasso and Pablo to the animal shelter.

It seemed the duo was destined for euthanasia, but fate intervened. The caring folks at Luvable Dog Rescue stepped in and saved both of their lives.

A veterinarian confirmed that Picasso’s unique facial deformity is a birth defect, and the dog is otherwise very healthy. One of his teeth would be removed to prevent pain.

When Picasso’s photo was shared with Instagram, hearts melted and people were curious about the sweet pooch.

Thanks to donations from Picasso’s fans, his surgery was covered. Both he and his brother are going up for adoption once the surgery is over.

On their Instagram page, Luvable Dog Rescue shared, “We have been slammed with emails from people wanting to adopt, so please be patient while we get all the pups evaluated and through their quarantine period!”

We wish Pablo and Picasso a wonderful life, where no doubt they will be spoiled with much-deserved love and attention! Watch them each peanut butter in the fun video below.