Despite Covid-19, No One Starved To Death Because Of Animal Lovers

Kaufman has been saving the lives of animals since childhood. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy destroyed the Northeast region, and he delivered supplies for cats, dogs, and other animals in his home. Once he started helping animals and their families by donating food, he continued, “We can feed everyone.”

In 2016, these words became the official motto of his animal charity rescue organization Nobody Starves on Long Island.

And he said the same, telling the “News Daily”: “Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, no matter where you are foraging, I will help you somehow.”

Kaufman piled up donated food in the driveway. He then entered social media to remind followers of available records and encourage people in need to buy food for hungry fur.

In addition to feeding animals, he’s making sure they get proper medical care too.

For low-income households with animals needing veterinary assistance, Kaufman sets up fundraising pages to help get them back on their paws. On his 2-acre property, he also has an animal shelter set up for stray cats and dogs. There, they wait for their forever homes while enjoying heated floors, air conditioning, and television. These critters have the ultimate set-up!

Kaufman and his volunteers also help feral cat communities, as well as injured and abused animals.

All the way around, the animals of Long Island have a friend in Gary Kaufman.

With the recent coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe, residents of Long Island are in a difficult period. Among elderly people who cannot leave their homes and are sick, Kaufman is working twice and then twice to ensure that everyone can eat.

In raising funds for Facebook ’s fundraising campaign to alleviate COVID-19, Gary wrote: “Since the outbreak of this crazy virus, the demand for food and emergency medical services has quadrupled compared to our ordinary people.”

Nobody Starves on Long Island has never refused or turned anyone away and Kaufman doesn’t plan to start now. He and volunteers are taking donations and still collecting food amid the threat of COVID-19. Local shelters, like Last Chance Rescue, and food maker, Blue Buffalo, have donated food to his initiative as well.

It’s not just companion animals keeping their bellies full thanks to Nobody Starves. Thanks to Kaufman’s partnership with Island Harvest Food Bank, the animals of wildlife rescues and farms are receiving viable produce that otherwise would have been tossed.

In order to express his gratitude, Kauffman also encouraged medical staff, first-aid personnel, and frontline staff to also receive food.

We are all together, nobody on Long Island goes hungry to remind people that it also includes cats and dogs!