Dog Has Luckiest Moment of Her Life While On Her Potty Break

We all want to protect our pets from harm, but sometimes the completely unexpected happens and all we can hope for is for them to be lucky.

That’s what happened to Ben Lucier when he let his dog Sprocket out for a potty break into the backyard in Ontario, Canada.

Little did he or Sprocket know the regular routine would endanger her life.

Unbeknownst to Lucier or Sprocket, a recent ice storm had weakened a tree branch looming overhead and it was about to snap.

Lucier’s surveillance camera caught what happened next on camera. Lucier wrote, “Exciting Sunday for us! Part of our neighbor’s tree came down in our backyard and almost took out Sprocket, the luckiest dog in TO!”

Fortunately for Sprocket, she sensed the impending danger and ran just in time to the one place the large branch didn’t touch down – the porch.

Lucier was calling Sprocket back in when the freak accident occurred. He was shocked at what he saw but extremely grateful that Sprocket wasn’t hurt and is safe.

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