Dog Rescuer Finds Beauty And Happiness In Deformed Dog

Angela Adan, the dog rescuer at Marts Mutts Dog Rescue, saw many sad dogs in her life. Every time she saves a dog, she will try her best not to cry. She wanted to keep the dog strong, so they knew everything would be fine. However, when she met a puppy named Freddie Mercury, she couldn’t help crying.

Freddie is a tiny mixture of Chihuahua found under a car. Adan saved her by driving for about four hours, which is definitely worth it. After all, Adan didn’t know Freddie’s needs until he returned home.

When Adan drove Freddie to safety, the puppy was wrapped in a blanket. Freddie rode home with a comfortable blanket, so Adan didn’t look at her well until she returned home. After removing the bedding from the rescued puppies, Adan found Freddie Mal was malnourished. She also suffers from severe dental problems and leg deformities.

Poor Freddie’s legs were open, so it was difficult for her to move around. This poor puppy obviously leads to a difficult life, and she may not even know of a loving family. Therefore, Adan pampered the puppy carefully, trying to give her as much comfort as possible. To her surprise, Freddie licked his face as if to say, “Thank you!”

At that moment, Adan knew that Freddie had to be more than just a foster dog. She needed Freddie in her family. So, the tiny dog joined her family of 6 other rescue dogs, many of which also had special needs.

Freddie quickly adapted to her new family. In fact, she is always happy to give her mother more kisses. Since being rescued, she has learned to move her hind feet more easily. Adan joked that the puppy looked like a Tyrannosaurus-Rex.

If Freddie stays in a shelter or rescue, she may never find a blind date home. She doesn’t look like most dogs, but in any case, Adan still loves her. Adan saw that Freddie was a cute and beautiful dog.

Adan is very grateful to be able to provide a loving home for many special needs dogs. Freddie’s health problems may affect her lifespan, so Adan will take a moment to ensure that the puppy can feel true love and care.

Adan firmly believes that every dog ​​deserves love, especially Freddie Mac. She knew Freddie was very special. After all, the puppy always looked at her new mother gratefully. Obviously, she knew she was safe now.