Dog Was Overlooked At Shelter For 7 Years Until One Woman Asked To Meet Her

This dog was overlooked for 7 years until one woman changed everything. This is his story… 

12-and-a-half-year-old Pirate Marie was in the shelter for so long, her hair turned gray while she was there.

Seven long years went by as Pirate waited for a forever home but to no avail. People who visited the shelter always felt bad for her, but no one ever showed any interest in adopting her. She kept getting overlooked time and time again.

A big reason why she was overlooked is that she’s a senior. Many people would rather adopt a young dog than an older one, but shelter staff refused to let her live out her life in a kennel.

Jennifer Hoyt and her husband are both in the military and got stationed in Hawaii. They both agreed that it would be best not to get a dog yet, so she looked up shelters that she could volunteer at.

That’s when she came across the Oahu SPCA and saw Pirate’s picture. It was love at first sight, and it didn’t take long for Pirate to win over her heart. Jennifer went to the shelter the next day to meet her. When the staff heard her ask for Pirate, they were shocked. No one had ever asked to meet their beloved Pirate before.

Jennifer saw the sadness in Pirate’s eyes and made it her mission to make her happy again. She immediately went out and bought her a soft bed and a toy, which Pirate greatly appreciated.

From that moment on, the two of them formed a very special bond. Jennifer knew she had to adopt Pirate and give her a loving forever home.

Jennifer couldn’t bring her home just yet because she didn’t have a house in Hawaii yet. In the meantime, she went to visit Pirate at the shelter every day for two months until she was finally able to take her home.

It didn’t take long for Pirate to settle into her new home. She runs around and greets her humans at the door every time they come home. She now has a yard to play in and is no longer stuck in a kennel.

Jennifer says she is now one of the happiest dogs she’s ever seen.

“What she needed and I think what she wanted was a family,” Jennifer told The Dodo in a video. “And to wait that long, and then finally have everything you’ve been missing… I think just watching her life being changed is what has changed our lives.”

Jennifer knows that Pirate is older and might not have much time left on Earth, but she and her husband are going to make every moment count and make Pirate’s days here the best they can be!