Dog Who Lost Parents To COVID-19 Gets Adopted

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a puppy named Che-Che came to SPCA in Monmouth County, New Jersey. She didn’t know how she would become such a strange place, and she obviously didn’t think she belonged to that place.

Recently, two family members of Che-Che died of coronavirus. No one took care of her, so she took her directly to SPCA. Now, the task of the organization is to find an ideal place for her. She needs a place where she can feel safe for the rest of her life.

SPCA staff couldn’t imagine what poor Che-Che experienced. She may worry about her parents and want to know when they will return. It was sad and sad to see this 9-year-old dog, but fortunately, the comfort of the shelter staff helped her to relax more. She needs some time to adjust, but she deserves extra time and patience.

They immediately ensured that Che-Che received all appropriate medical care, including tooth cleaning, eradication, and vaccination. They also provided her with a comfortable hot bath so that she could take care of her without all gloves and dresses. The staff did their best to make Che-Che feel as comfortable as possible.

Their goal is to find the ideal residence in Chechnya. They did not want to rush her to be adopted because they wanted to make sure she went to the family that was best for her.

About two weeks after Che-Che was rescued, SPCA found her ideal residence. Before making a final decision, they spent a lot of time considering all applicants. Her new mother is very happy to have her life. She promised to treat the puppy like a princess.

When Che-Che and her adopter left the building, SPCA staff stood outside and applauded her. Poor Che-Che’s life is very difficult, but now she has a chance to start again and feel happy again. SPCA would like to express its heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped donate to help dogs like Che-Che find their home.