Dogs Find New Life After Abusers Do Incredible Things

No one will know who completely ripped off the big black claws. No one will know how it is done, or why it is the most confusing. The 7-year-old Siberian Husky will not understand even if he gets these answers. Just like now, he only knows that someone hurt him painfully, he can’t stop it. That seemed to last forever, and his only option was to endure.

The cruelty of this behavior disregards our understanding, just like the behavior of Da Hei. The inner darkness it needs is beyond the scope of civilization’s understanding.

When Da Hei was unceremoniously stored in Dr. Liu’s veterinary clinic in Dalian, China, there was no time for reflection. Only action.

Dr. Liu worked quickly and cut off the rotten flesh. He saw rotten bones. It is unknown how long Da Hei had been in this state before being brought in. But he is here now. Dr. Liu worked hard to save him.

When everything was completed, Da Hei survived. He was still big like anyone else, covered in black and white fur. A kind face. Curious eyes. Just like any other dog, minus his missing feet.

Dr. Liu is not satisfied with only treating Da Hei terrible wounds and restoring his health. He wants more-to to make Da Hei complete. The doctor contacted the prosthetic company in Beijing. Although it has never produced a dog prosthesis, after more than 8 months of hard work, the company was finally able to model 4 functional “legs” for Da Hei.

Now, from his physical point of view, Da Hei started a new test of will. Learn to walk again.

This is not easy. Imagine a dog wearing socks on the ice during an earthquake. His footsteps are high, his stupid gait, and his movements are much better than striding. But every embarrassing step he took also had dignity. When he was spinning on the sidewalk, he only leaned down after finding a suitable place to rest for a while, and the smile on his face meant only one thing.

After helping Dahei gets through the difficulties, from the initial fear to the severity of the dog’s injury being revealed, to the initial stumbling block on his new leg, Dr. Liu decided he wanted Dahei forever.

After such a terrible malicious tragedy, it seems indeed possible to achieve a happy ending.

Da Hei had found his forever home.