Family Adopts Special Needs Cat And Returns For His Bestie!

It’s always great news when a special needs cat gets adopted, but when two besties get to go home together, it’s really something special!

Champ and Theo met at Purrfect Pals Cat Sanctuary, a shelter dedicated to giving special needs cats a chance to live and find a forever home, the same as any other cat. Theo, an affectionate three-year-old with a love for attention, was living in Purrfect Pals’ FIV Land for cats diagnosed with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus when Champ arrived. Champ was picked up as a stray and needed some time to recover from some injuries, but once he healed up, he and Theo hit it off.

The two cats were best pals, inseparable until the day Theo was adopted into a family. Kristy, the mother of his new family, chose Theo as a companion for her cat-loving children and knew immediately that he was the right choice. Theo became her daughter’s shadow, and as she tells LoveMeow, he quickly became “king of his castle.”

Theo had a whole, happy life ahead of him, but Champ was still waiting for a home to find him at Purrfect Pals. Although the family was happy and (seemingly) complete, Kristy couldn’t help but feel the urge to adopt again just a week later, when she heard about the best friend Theo had left behind at the sanctuary.

“Once I found out how close Theo was with Champ, I had to reunite them,” she said in the story.

And so she did. A second trip to Purrfect Pals and she was the proud parent of two special needs cats!

It takes an extraordinary person to open their home to a special needs pet, but to welcome two for the sake of the first is a really incredible thing! Kristy’s home and heart are big enough for both Champ and Theo, and the two cats will get to live their lives together not just as best friends, but as family.

FIV positive cats offer all the love and affection any other cat does, and now Kristy’s family gets to experience it firsthand.

“Our family feels so blessed to have our new boys and I’m so glad they could be together. Both of my kids are in love and my daughter has never been as on top of her chores as she has been with the cat box. She has been begging for a kitty for years… now that we have our own house, I was finally able to get her kitties, and I have to say, I’m pretty smitten as well.”

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