Family Offers $3K Reward To Reunite Elderly Man With Lost Dog

Molly is a 10-year-old black and white spotted Pointer Mix. She’s a beloved companion and valued family member. She’s also been missing over 20 days now, and painfully missed.

While staying with a Rover sitter, Molly got lost (the precise circumstances are unclear.) Her entire family is heartbroken, but none more so than the dog’s closest friend and the family’s 82-year-old patriarch. He had just been hospitalized when Molly got loose, according to a post in a Facebook group for missing animals in Comal County, Texas.

“Molly is the lifelong soul companion of an 82 yo gentleman who was hospitalized at the time of her disappearance. This gentleman has devoted his LIFE to saving the lives of humans and animals. He was a Doctor in a Texas country town for many years until his retirement, whereupon he and his wife and #Molly moved to New Braunfels, believing they would see their twilight years in blissful happiness. Unfortunately, Dr. Parker has recently suffered life-threatening medical complications.”

It’s been over 20 days and Molly is still out there, waiting to be found. Tragically, that’s not for lack of trying.

The elderly man’s daughter Melissa Parker has been working with a tracker who believes Molly is still alive and within 2 miles of the sitter’s home. The family left shirts with their father’s scent on the outside for her to find. They also set up her dog bed under a covered porch nearby the sitter’s house. Flyers have been posted everywhere as well as on social media sites like Nextdoor.

There’s even a very active “Find Molly” Facebook group in which members post tips, updates, and offers to go out and search for her. People in this community have really been going above and beyond. It’s become a town-wide search.

The poor family just wants to see their girl safe and their father happy. He really misses his best friend, and surely she does too.

“The first thing my dad asked this morning was ‘where is Molly?’ He has short term memory loss from seizures. It’s heartbreaking every time my mom has to tell him she has been lost. He was asking a lot of questions but now he becomes quiet and puts his head down.”

The search for Molly is still ongoing, so if you are nearby and able to help out follow the Facebook group for updates! The family can also use help calling nearby shelters and any businesses that would have picked her up if she was hit by a car.

Be aware that Molly was wearing her collar when lost. She’s probably frightened and should be approached cautiously. Let’s bring Molly home together!