Fat cat boy seeks an overflowing food bowl and goes home forever

He is a good looking cat boy. His beard is very long, his fur is very fluffy, and his abdomen cannot be round. It weighs 28 pounds. Grey cat, every inch of Wilford is cute.

Although Wilford is almost too cute for a kitten, his obesity is not healthy. His adoptive parents, also known as guardians of the wayward kitten Playschool, are struggling to control their weight. They also prepared him for adoption, but it was a difficult path for kittens.

With the magic of foster care, Wilford is reborn and will soon find his eternal home.

Wilford is eight years old this year. He is by no means a kitten. He used to know the happiness of his family. But the dream fell from the furry toes, and the sweet cat found that he was torn by all the familiar things. Sadly, the life he once knew and was morbidly obese, Wilford will need wholehearted love and care to help him find his way again.

Enter the Lost Cat and Dog Rescue in Virginia and the Wayward Kitten Play School in Washington, DC. Jan Ian and Ian (the foster parents and cleanup staff behind Playschool) know they have done a good job. Wilford soon moved in with them, as well as faculty members and students, because their cats and foster care are well known.

Posts on Instagram show that their latest student is “very cute, but he is also confused, stressed, and overwhelmed by all the changes in life”.

Jen and Ian learned from the veterinarian that Wilford is not a diabetic and has no liver disease. They have realized that the cat’s weight is unhealthy, and they know he will be on a diet soon. But his foster parents will have to let Wilford eat again.

Yes, you are not mistaken. Due to the pressure of all living costs, Wilford has no interest in food. Sudden loss of appetite can be dangerous for overweight cats, putting them at risk of liver fatty spot disease (also known as fatty liver disease). But Ian and Jen insist on this, providing chubby beauties with multiple options and enough patience.

Wilford also suffers from asthma, upper respiratory tract infections, and has trouble regulating the intestines. Big cats also need to take regular baths because he is too big to comb properly. Before weight loss becomes a top priority, he still has a lot of work to do.

Slowly, his health began to increase and his appetite began to recover. Sweet Wilford also began to relax, explore, and play with his foster family.

Although he was still adjusting to his new life, the cute gray cat walked well. Wilford is restricting the calorie diet and eating high-quality food. He is exercising every day, and his breath is getting less and less. “

Jen and Ian reported that Wilford officially lost half a pound, but they suspected that he actually lost more weight. With the restoration of URI and the restoration of vitality, this muscular boy is ready to find his eternal home in Washington, DC. He should not lack people waiting in line to wait for him to return home forever!

Jen told Dodo: “He is an incredibly cute guy with an amazing personality.” “We really think he will flourish and lose it with the right people in the right environment. Those pounds. “