Freeze Cat Lover! Kitten “Pawfficer” Has You Under Arrest

The latest officer of the Kobe Police Department is reporting on duty, the kitten is very cute.

Last Friday, the “Cad” kitten received the badge, making her the latest officer in Kobe, Arkansas. Her oath? Protection and service, super cute.

Since she needed vacated claws for perfect patrol work, “Police Officer Hastings and their company ARMA Tactical” created a special badge setting so that alert cats can wear shields on their collars. In a photo shared on Facebook by the Bryant Police Department, Cad wears a collar and badge.

The fluffy gray tabby kitten spends most of its time on dispatch, so it seems appropriate to name her after an operating system in the department. In law enforcement, CAD usually stands for computer-aided scheduling. In the case of kittens, it may represent “cat-assisted scheduling”. Cat fans know that this is the best system!

A few days before the cute tabby cat received the badge, a large Amazon box arrived at the station. The kitten that sent the cat was the recipient. A bag of food, a comfortable bed, a tickling bed, and various other cat supplies were found in the curious cat. Hello Kitty’s lover, Meagan Harris couldn’t help but give Cad a lot of gifts to keep the alert of her work!

On BPD Facebook, the department proposed: “Thank you very much, Meagan Harris, you spent the day with this kitten. Meagan is responsible for ordering this product for Cad, we cannot say thank you.”

Last fall, Cad and her two siblings and their mother arrived at the Kobe Animal Control and Adoption Center. The whole family is seriously ill. In fact, he was very sick, and the kitten’s mother rejected them. Animal Control Director Tricia Power reported that the rejection occurred “maybe because she was just living for herself.”

Raised cats and kittens, hoping that they will be healthy and eventually adopted. BPD employee Crystal Winkler is honored to raise Cad and her brother. Sheriff Todd Crowson and other officers decided: “You know, we will take my sister.”

Today, Cad not only has a permanent residence, but she also has a whole family to provide services and protection for her. And, the tabby kitten returned. Its famous cat has a calming effect, in fact, stroking the cat can lower blood pressure and relieve anxiety.

Baud said: “We hope that Cad will become a lovely and lovely ambassador for her species and reduce the pressure on the staff and police officers of the police department.” “After a particularly hard day at work, nothing will look like a Scream, cuddle, hug like a kitten. “

In addition, the regrettable fact is that when there are problems in life, many children have to spend time working in the police station. These children often feel scared or upset, and the sweet Cad can help them. The furry partner has the ability to soothe fear and help us feel safer.

The 14-week-old kitten can expect the longevity of his chief cat, who lives in the Bryant Police Department. We salute you “Pawfficer” Cad!