Golden Retriever Falls 15 Ft Down A Cliff, Coast Guards Risk Own Lives To Help

These brave and kind-hearted coast guards don’t just save humans, they save animals too!

Marley, a 3-year-old Golden Retriever, was hiking with his owner, when he took a wrong turn and fell off a cliff in Red Rock in Sutton, Ireland.

He got trapped in weeds and rocks on the side of the mountain, and nobody had any idea how to help him or check on him.

When Irish Coast Guard and Dublin Fire Brigade heard about Marley’s predicament, they immediately jumped in to help.

Together, they formed a rescue team and prepped themselves up for the risky rescue operation.

In this video, we see how a member of the rescue team hunkers down the steep cliff and pulls the scared Marley out of the bushes.

Thankfully, Marley doesn’t have any grave injuries and looks so relieved to be rescued. He thirstily sips on the water given to him by the rescue team.

Marley was later secured into a harness and transported back to the grounds, where the rescue team and his owner were waiting with bated breaths. Marley was happy to run back to the safe arms of his owner. What an amazing rescue!

Click the video below to see this thrilling rescue in action!