Golden Retriever Lights Up Like Christmas Tree When Mom Brings Puppy Home

This is the adorable moment a golden retriever is surprised by a new puppy’s best friend.

They say that two’s the company, but three’s a crowd. In the case of this Golden Retriever puppy surprise, three’s a celebration!

Dog mom Anisa Spagnuolo shares life with two Golden Retrievers, Cooper, and Jack. She decided to add a third pup to the mix, but she wasn’t sure how Cooper would be around a new pup. Puppies can be a handful, so when 7-week-old Murphy joined the family, Spagnuolo treaded very cautiously with the introductions.

She sat on the couch with the new puppy in a bag, his head peeking out. Cooper comes flying into the room and is immediately curious about the little pup. It appears as if the puppy, named Murphy, is really curious about his new big brother, too. The two go nose to nose and get acquainted doggie style.

Cooper is wagging and sniffing, and all of Spagnuolo’s fears immediately vanished.

The savvy dog mom started a social media account to showcase the bond between the two, and we are sure glad about it. Watch the adorable initial meeting full of tail wags and happy reactions in the video below.