He Was Abandoned On Christmas Eve 2015 & Is Still Waiting For A Family

Shelters are filled with lovable animals that are waiting for the chance at their very own forever family. While happy endings occur every single day in the rescue world, there are also a number of pups who are still waiting for their chance at happiness. Bernie is one of the many who are still waiting.

Bernard is a 6-year-old Saint Bernard mix that has been living at the shelter for almost 4 years now. He was found on Christmas Eve of 2015 when he was tied up and abandoned outside of an animal clinic in San Antonio. Bulverde Area Humane Society was the only shelter with any available space that day, so Bernie set off to his temporary home at the shelter. Little did he know, he would remain there for years to come.

Bernie is desperate for the attention and love that he deserves. Each time someone walks past his kennel at the shelter, he does everything possible to gain their attention. He jumps up and down, spins with excitement, and greets his potential adopters with a friendly bark. Unfortunately, his tactics still haven’t landed him a forever home.

Shelter workers aren’t sure why he still remains at the shelter, as he is such a lovable pup! His description states: