In the workplace, put away your glass heart feeling

Don’t be embarrassed to reject others; anyway, those who are embarrassed about you are not good people.

A few days ago I received a message from a reader asking me if I had recently levied a person. He wanted to change the environment. I asked him to give me his resume. After seeing it, I was shocked. He graduated less than a year and had changed three companies.

I asked why? He said that the first company was not valued, the boss was too incompetent; the second company’s colleagues were too locomotives, often martyrdom; the third company was too far away from home, and time rushed to crash every day.

At the beginning, I still could hear it, but the more I thought about it, the more wrong I was. Who was not angry at work? 

Is it the normal working Principle of everyone that go to work on time every day and receive the task to prove their ability? The company was originally a place that emphasized social rather than individuality. There is really no need to complain about it.

Nowadays, there are many companies that treat employees in a way that feels like treating a mentally immature minor. Many people need to do psychological construction before going to work every day.

However, I found that it is not the problem of the company’s values. The problem lies with some employees. The way they treat their work is like a mentally immature minor.

If you don’t think about how to have a good relationship with your supervisor all the time, you’re not enough. You often complain in your office that you are the most tired and the hardest. However, the essence of the workplace is to create value for the company. If there is no ability to get good results, then the rest are idle.

Most newcomers in the workplace must have suffered bitterness and grievances at work, but if you have grown up, you must know how to restrain your temper and emotions. If you can’t do anything, no one will care about your mood.

As for catering to others to consolidate their position in the workplace, that is what the weak people like to do.

I have seen people who have changed their minds because they are too flexible. They have seen that some people have the same ability. When they stay in a company for many years, they can stay for a long time. Finally, even if the company goes bankrupt, they can’t find new jobs.

These two people do not understand what they really want. The former does not know how to hold on and the forbearance, and the latter does not know the advancement and promotion.

Last year, Ma Yun said to all employees, which impressed me: “The smart people have left Alibaba, but only the stupid people have succeeded.”

The original meaning of this sentence is that those who concentrate on doing things will succeed if they are doing it; and the so-called wise people of the world will only look at the immediate interests and leave in the middle.

I am more inclined to believe the first half of the sentence, do things need to be stupid to insist, but also firmly believe that the pool can not raise big fish, the temple can not stay sorghum. Many people who have not left may not want to leave, but their ability is not enough to make them have better places to go.

There is also a kind of person in the workplace, each of whom looks very hardworking.

Every day, I punched in and out of work on time, and I was serious and responsible for my work. The things that my superiors explained were completed in the first time. I also felt that I was really a hard-working person, and I was even more.

But after work, it’s all about watching variety shows or talking about gossip, or thinking about where to go on weekends, and the brain won’t think about work again.

Then the tragedy, the company has to lay off the staff, the first place has landed on their own head, so began to complain about injustice, why is me, I work so hard.

But dear, you just seem to work hard. No one in the world cares if you really work hard. They only care if you have the result they want.

You work hard, but you didn’t go to college; you work hard, but your article is still badly written; you work hard, but you didn’t do whatever you should do. If there is an intern, the salary is just half of yours but the work is done like you, you said as a boss, how would he choose?

To put it simple, the status of a person in a company is not determined by the workload, but by his irreplaceability.

If a person who has been working for five or six years is doing the same basic work as a new intern, and is using his hard work to paralyze himself all day, then I can only think of one word: miserable!

Many people understand the truth, but there are few people who can truly achieve self-worth in the workplace.

Most of the time, we know very well which choice is right and will help the future. But we have not done so.

It seems like the classic line in the movie “Woman Fragrance”: “Now I am at the crossroads of life, I know which way is right, no exception, I know, but I never go, why? Because it is too hard.”

People like to get something for nothing, and hope to get the most return with the least amount of effort. So we prefer to choose the road that doesn’t look so good, but feels relaxed. 
But how can there be freedom in the world that can be exchanged without hard work?

I have never seen anyone who is early and diligent will complain about unfair fate, and have never seen a young man who is serious and responsible for his studies will never have a chance.

If you don’t say the strength to go, then please accept your own glass heart and prove your value first.

Having said that, I think of a post that was once circulated on the Internet:

“Your first job was in the public office. You couldn’t get used to the colleagues. So you resigned and went to a foreign-invested company. But you found that there is a class struggle, and everyone is doing their best to survive. You don’t want to be as hypocritical as they are. After resigning to a state-owned enterprise, you found that it is the safest way to work with less and less talk. Later, you went to a private company and found that there are too many problems in company management. In fact, these experiences are just instructions; you are not suitable for this society.”