Injured Yorkie Walks Again Thanks To Kind Students

Daisy the Yorkie was put into the care of Dana Meeks after a traumatizing incident. Poor Daisy got into a fight with another dog, and she ended up losing the use of her hind legs. Meeks was devastated to see the 1-year-old dog struggling to walk, so she reached out for help. She created a post in the High Desert Help a Pet Facebook group asking for someone to help Daisy get a wheelchair. The response was even better than she imagined!

Help for Daisy

Willis Mayeda teaches a 3D printing mathematics class at Canyon Ridge High School. He heard about Meeks’ post from a friend, and he knew there had to be a way to help. Mayeda realized that he could use his 3D printing skills to help the dog. So, he contacted Meeks to share the good news. He even knew two talented students that were perfect for the job.

Mayeda shared Daisy’s story with two of his high school students. Angie Vazquez and Dexter Linares were very emotional after hearing about the situation, and they were more than happy to take on the project. So, with the professional help of Mayeda, the two students started working on the dog wheelchair.

“I couldn’t believe that someone would donate their time and energy to help this little dog,” Meeks said. “I am so grateful.”

When Meeks heard about the project these kind students were working on, she could not contain her excitement. Vazquez and Linares worked hard to make the wheelchair as suitable for Daisy as possible. They simply wanted to do it out of the kindness of their hearts.

“Just seeing this little dog dragging her back legs when she walked made me sad,” said Linares. “That’s when I knew that we had to do something.”

Crafting the Perfect Wheelchair

Vazquez and Linares researched dog wheelchairs to get an idea for how they were usually built. While most models were very expensive, they knew they could 3D print one for a much more affordable price. Then, they would donate it to Daisy with no additional cost to Meeks.

The students used software called TinkerCAD to create the sizes and shapes for the wheelchair parts. Then, they combined the 3D-printed parts to create the perfect wheelchair. Daisy came in for fittings multiple times throughout the process. They wanted to make sure the wheelchair fit her perfectly.

After many adjustments and changes, the wheelchair was complete! In her new wheelchair, Daisy could run around and play just like any other dog. She was clearly very grateful for the students’ hard work.

“It was great watching her move around and acting like a normal dog,” Vazquez said. “I was so happy that I couldn’t stop smiling.”

Now, thanks to this incredible wheelchair, Daisy is easily able to move around on her own. The kindness of the teacher and the students completely changed the little Yorkie’s life. They could’ve been busy working on school projects, but instead, they decided to take the time to help a dog in need. Their generosity will never be forgotten, especially for sweet little Daisy.