Kalista Can’t Choose Between Her New Favourite Toys

This weekend we got a package from one of our friends who we met through the Forgotten One’s Cat Rescue. Our friend Michelle is a very talented individual who makes cat toys during her spare time.

Michelle actually gifted us two adorable catnip infused kicker toys in the shape of a carrot and baguette during the holiday season. Let me tell you they have been a hit, especially Kalista who goes nuts every time she sees one.

Not only are they two of the most adorable toys, but they have had also endured the countless hours of endless play Kalista has had with them. Every so often, you can even see Beau pick one up and kangaroo kick it, even though he’s not usually a fan of catnip toys. Both cats seem to be fans of the shape and size of these toys.

My one worry is leaving them out for too long since Beau likes to suckle on felt until it’s soft enough to chew and eat.

This time around Michelle made us a heart, a cookie, and a pizza… which are so adorable!

I put all three on top of the cat tree and Kalista jumped up to the top within 30 seconds to grab one of them! I had to quickly change my camera to grab the footage of her first interactions with these toys.