Kitten Falls From Sky, Lands In Loving Hands

Kittens raining from the sky may seem like a dream come true in theory, but in reality, it’s a terrifying experience that could prove deadly. Lucky for one newborn kitten that actually did fall from the sky, the tiny baby landed without injury and into lots of love.

In Chesterfield, UK, Kendra White jogged down a country lane on a quiet run when from her peripheral vision, she saw an unbelievable sight.

Running for the spot where the object fell, Kendra spied a grey bundle on the ground. Stunned, she realized she’d discovered a kitten, one so new to the world, its tiny eyes were still closed.

On where the kitten could have possibly come from, Kendra said, “I thought it’s got to have been a bird of prey and there’s no way I’m going to be able to find out where he came from.”

A valid theory as kittens born outside in the wild is at risk of capture by predators. Being squirmy things, kittens sometimes wander outside their nest. There, they become vulnerable, just like this sweet boy.

Plus, the weather on this particular day proved warm and sunny. Kendra thought, “If I hadn’t have been there he probably would have been fried by the sun or the bird would have come back and eaten him.”

Another good point…beyond predators and parasites, kittens are also susceptible to the elements. Especially a newborn…

Kendra knew she couldn’t leave the baby behind. He would certainly perish. So, she scooped up the kitten and tucked him in her sports bra.

Kendra rushed the kitten to Matt Smith Vets and while the kitten had no injuries from its fall, its newborn status meant the baby needed much care. When he arrived at the vet’s office, the kitten drank an entire bottle of milk.

Receptionist Sue Crisp reported, “We called him Sky because that’s where he came from!”

Sue’s sister, Geraldine Mott, works at the practice too and had been fostering a litter of four-week-old kittens and their mother at home. The little family welcomed Sky with open paws. As he’s so young, Geraldine brings him to work with her for around the clock care. Little Sky gets regular bottles, which he hungrily devours.

From touting the skills of Vet Matt Smith to requests for adoption info on little Sky, comments on Facebook have poured in, full of paws-activity for the newborn tabby kitten.

No doubt Sky will easily find his forever home after falling from above!