Kitten Loses Eye To Predator But Finds Forever Home

ats are resilient creatures, capable of surviving unbelievable hardships. A young ginger tabby attacked by a predator is proof of cat strength.

A large predator, possibly a fox or weasel, attacked a litter of kittens, killing three and injuring another. The injured kitten and his only other surviving sibling were rescued by Clay County Cat Care of St Austell in England. The orange tabby cat brothers received the names Tango and Cash.

A few days after their rescue, their mom, Petal, joined them. Clay County reported how sweet of a kitty she was, a pleasant surprise as she’s a feral cat. After the attack on her litter, the mother cat most likely felt great relief at discovering safety with her two remaining kittens.

Once reunited, Petal happily purred over Tango and Cash.

But little Tango was not okay after the attack. His eye was severely injured by the unidentified predator and because of the pain and clouding that persisted, it would need to be removed. After treatments with antibiotics to help the head tilt Tango developed after the attack, the kitten was scheduled for surgery.

Yet, in spite of the pain, Tango “is still full of love and purrs like an engine”.

Rock View Vets performed the operation to remove his eye and Tango began to heal. Clay County Founder, Leanne Kent said,

“His operation went really well and he is now recovering with a fluffy new blanket. I’ve been informed by Rock View Vets he is rolling around asking for belly rubs, this news makes me smile and for me to know that all this hard work we as a rescue put in is worth every scar, smile, tears, heartache, and joy.”

A Facebook update reported, “He is much brighter and rolling around for belly rubs.”

A Forever Family for a Brave Boy
After some weeks of healing, Tango overcame the hardship of his beginnings and found his forever home.

“Tango went to him forever home with his new mummy and Daddy, a very emotional goodbye but he has a wonderful life ahead of him.”

Clay County took the time to thank everyone who donated to help pay for Tango’s care. The cat care center also acknowledged the amazing team at Rock View Vets. But we’d like to say thank you Clay County Cat Care for saving Tango’s life as well as scores of other kitty cats in need!