Kittens Born In Tire Plumping Nicely In Foster Care

Stray cats often raise kittens in strange places. For example, a wild mother cat found that a pile of tires was an ideal place for her family to be born. Employees at the Los Angeles Auto Store are accustomed to wandering around.

She kept the distance, the staff kept the distance. But a few months ago, the wandering lady gave birth to a litter of kittens in a tire, which was part of the chimney. In fact, she chose a “15 tires” to ensure that her kittens are safe and hiding in the world.

The kitten was alone. Shortly after birth, she littered some garbage and had no mother. The staff is more and more worried about this cat because she is an outdoor cat, so she is worried about the worst. Since she was away, they knew her kitten needed help.

Maggie, a customer at the store, established some contact with rescuers, while the rubbish was taken care of by Bruce and Fox Fosters. Ashley Kelley, owner of B + F Fosters and volunteer of Wrenn Rescues, said: “The kittens are in poor health. Maggie tucked one of the kittens into her shirt to try to keep him warm.

On the first day, she wrote on Instagram: “They are hungry and thin, and we need all the positive thoughts and prayers for these babies.”

Since they had not eaten for a few days, the first night was very difficult. “They feed a small amount of feed every two hours on the first night (in foster homes) to prevent their stomachs from being troubled by new food.”

But a few days later, after taking a shower and taking a good look, Ashley found that each of the six kittens was a little boy, “Four ginger boys, one dark brown, and one light yellow/champagne. “

A week later, all kittens doubled their weight, even for “clumsy” kittens. Ashley (Ashley) reported that a week of proper nutrition is significant for kittens. As they grow rapidly, their vague body needs a lot of calories and nutrition to keep up with their growing curiosity.

The “Tire Tabbies” are still with Ashley, growing stronger every day.