Look At This Yoda-Eared Cat You Will

With Disney’s Star Wars hit The Mandalorian sweeping the nation, fans are obsessed with The Child. Or, as the internet knows him, ‘Baby Yoda’. Now, a cat with ears like America’s favorite green Force wielder has become a new fan favorite. And, she’s every bit as cute as the ‘Baby Yoda’ too.

Thanks to her wide-set ears, the adorable feline has been dubbed Yoda Cat…

When the sweet tuxedo cat was brought to Cabarrus Animal Hospital in Kannapolis, North Carolina, she suffered from fleas, internal parasites, and an upper respiratory infection. Yoda Cat also had a deep wound around her neck, one that had caused all the fur to fall away. How she received the wound is a mystery. She turned up at a kind soul’s backdoor already injured.

It will be a while before the viral sensation finds her forever home, but in the meantime, she’s under the foster care of Jana Aviles, a veterinary assistant at Cabarrus. Jana is a huge Star Wars fan and made the connection between ‘Baby Yoda’ and the tuxedo cat.

If The Ears Don’t Get You, Her Pink Tongue Will

Yoda Cat’s ears aren’t her only quirk. She’s missing a front incisor which allows her tongue to stick out just a little bit. Her ears already mark her as precious but with that little bit of pink tongue poking out, Yoda Cat has the power to melt us all.

The black and white cat is young, probably around a year old, but she’s quite small, weighing in around 6.5 lbs. Shelby Beers, a vet tech at Cabarrus told Love Meow, “We carry her around in our hoodies like a baby kangaroo, and she just falls asleep.”

Fosters Help Cats Find Forever Homes
While Jana is currently fostering Yoda Cat, she says she’s not going to keep her, but the universe only knows…

The Baby Yoda Cat now has her own Facebook page, so fans can follow her saga.

The Humane Society of Rowan County NC will oversee sweet baby Yoda Cat’s adoption and have already started taking applications, so watch for updates.

In the meantime, Jana shared, “There are 70 MILLION stray cats just in the US. 4 MILLION cats are brought into animal control facilities each year, and 1.4 MILLION of those cats are euthanized each year due to lack of homes. Everyone, please check your local shelters. I guarantee you that your new best friend is waiting for you as I type this.”