Loyal Dog Will Not Leave His Pregnant Friend

Two stray dogs sit alone on the streets of Muskoy, California. The bigger dog, a beautiful German Shepherd, lay in pain on the ground. She was recently hit by a car, and a furry puppy refused to leave her. Many people drive by and don’t want to stop helping the poor puppy. However, the puppy refused to give up, and he continued to wait beside his friend until help arrived.

Dream Fetchers: Project Rescue finally received a call about two dogs on the road. They hurried to pick up the dogs they needed. The two dogs were named Marley and Murphy.

The organization soon learned that not only was Marley rough, but she was pregnant! Obviously, Murphy knew this, and he wanted to make sure his friends remained safe.

Loyal Friends

With Dream Fetchers, Marley and Murphy stayed side by side as much as possible. Poor Marley needed surgery on both her legs due to the accident. At first, the staff feared that she might not make it. However, they soon learned that Marley was even stronger than she seemed.

Once Marley was out of surgery and feeling better, they let Murphy spend some time with her. He provided her plenty of comforts as she healed. She had a slow recovery, but she was lucky to have such a caring friend to help her through it.

During her long recovery, Marley gave birth to 10 beautiful puppies. Each puppy was very healthy. So, not only was Marley’s life saved that day, but Dream Fetchers also saved the lives of 10 adorable pups too!

Throughout everything Marley went through, Murphy was by her side, making sure she was okay. He was with her through every step of the way. Everyone could learn a thing or two from his dedication!

Marley’s Recovery

Marley gradually recovered from surgery and childbirth. As time passed, Murphy seemed to realize that he was in good condition. Therefore, Murphy soon went to find his permanent home, where he could run and play what he wanted. He knew Marley was happy and healthy, so he knew he was doing well.

Then, Dream Fetchers took Marley to I.C.A.R.E. Dog Rescue, and they continued to take care of her and her puppy. They were very patient with Marley’s recovery process and even found a loving home for all puppies!

Now, Marley has also found her eternal home. Her new family said she was a very cute girl, and her performance never seemed to break her bones. She is far from where Dream Fetchers first discovered her.

“She is special, we all know,” Faith Easdale of Dream Fetchers said. “Today, her babies have grown up and Mary is loved and cherished.”

If not for Murphy’s loyalty, who knows where Marley will be today? Thanks to her brave and caring guardian, she got the help she needed. Dogs are indeed the most loving and dedicated animals, and we should all strive to become more Murphy-like!