Man Finds Heartbreaking Note On Stray And Springs Into Action

When Lionel’s trip to the grocery store became a rescue mission, an unexpected twist occurred. After saving a stray puppy on a busy street, Lionel soon realized that the authenticity of the rescued dog was heartbreaking.

Lionel Vytialingam was shocked by the sound of car horns and chaos from nearby roads. Noting that the cause of the commotion was stray dogs weaving in and out of traffic, he knew he had to come to this poor puppy for assistance.

Once Lionel made his way to the frightened dog, he stretched his arms out in hopes that the stray pup would accept his help. After flinching each time, the scruffy stray weaved her way through the traffic. Lionel was finally able to scoop her up and bring her to safety.

After the sweet wanderer sat safely in Lionel’s car, he noticed a wet piece of paper hanging on her collar. Although he initially hoped that this note would cause the owner of the lost dog, he soon discovered that the abandoned puppy was her own. Once he read the lovely girl, Lionel could not contain his emotions.

Lionel realized the terrible reality of the situation and immediately took the abandoned puppies home and comforted her as much as possible. He gave her a hot bath, ate a good meal, and hugged her all night to provide her with the love she deserved after a hard day.

Although Lionel wanted to be a person who would always welcome Siggy to his house, Siggy did not get along well with his current dog Sammo. Thankfully, he found a way to keep her in the family.

After the travel ban is lifted, Lionel’s brothers will welcome Siggy into his home and he will be able to travel. We are very grateful to Lionel and his dedication to Siggy, and his determination to turn this terrible situation into the happy ending of this deserved puppy!

We would like to remind everyone that it is never the right choice to abandon a furry friend, and there will always be rescuers or shelters in your area willing to help.