Man Lets Cat In Apartment Before Hurricane, Promises Her A Forever Home

In the midst of the havoc that Hurricane Harvey wreaked on Texas, heartwarming rescue stories have surfaced and continue to emerge.

One such story is of a young tortie who decided she’d seek refuge a couple of days before the storm hit. She must’ve sensed that something big was about to happen, and luckily, found a place where she was welcome!

The person who brought her into safety was Brett, an animal lover that couldn’t wait to share a photo of his new buddy on Reddit.

“This little gal literally walked into my apartment 2 days before the hurricane hit. Meet Harvey!” he posted.

While Brett was more than willing to take in another furry roommate – he also has a dog, named Rowan – he did want to make sure that nobody was missing the kitty.

“I posted signs all over my apartment complex and haven’t gotten any word so yea, I guess I have a cat now!” he wrote, adding that he’d take her to the vet to check for a microchip once the clinics reopened.

In the meantime, Harvey made herself at home and enjoyed the creature comforts of life with a loving human while they all hunkered down indoors. She’s even warming up to Rowan!

A few days ago, Brett was able to give us an update.

“It’s been a pretty harrowing week but we have come out the other side relatively unscathed,” he told iHeartCats.

Brett told us, “As an adult I have personally never had a cat, but like my mom I can’t say no to an animal in need.”

“I grew up in the sticks and we always had a menagerie of dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and whatever else we could foster. My mom actually once stopped her car on the freeway to grab a scared stray dog. The baby girl lived happily with us for the next 6 years.”

We’re so glad that Brett and his companions are doing well. We know that no matter what happens, he’ll make sure that Harvey is in a loving forever home!