Man reunited with his lost dog during the adoption

As early as 2015, Nick Pizio broke up with his wife. Sadly, she brought her dog Lucy with her. Therefore, when he lost contact with his ex-wife, Pizio also lost contact with Lucy, which made him very sad. He and his new partner Shannon McCann have not planned to adopt another dog, but Pizio encountered a Facebook post that changed everything. He saw an advertisement for Planned Pethood Inc. that wrote a picture of a dog that looked like Lucy!

After seeing Lucy’s picture, Pizio knew he had to see that it was really her. She was in an adoption event nearby, so he quickly went there to see her. When he and McCann arrived at the event, they were worried that Lucy had been adopted.

Finally, the couple found where the event was taking place. They came across a group of dogs in the back corner, and one particular dog stood out to them. Sure enough, there was Lucy! Pizio had no doubt that she really was the dog that he had lost all those years ago.

Lucy recognized Pizio as soon as he saw him. She stood up suddenly and began to shake her tail frantically. When she was released from the cabin, her tail wobbled non-stop and jumped over.

Pizio and McCann already have a Husky at home called Kuma, so they don’t know if they are ready to raise a second dog. However, Pizio knew he would never lose Lucy, so he filled in the adoption documents. He wanted to finally give her the home she deserves.

When the staff heard Lucy’s incredible story, they were moved and they determined that she was going home with a perfect family member.

Lucy moved into her new home immediately. She quickly established contact with Kuma, and just a week later, she settled down. Not only was she happy to return with Pizio, but she also loved her new mother. She kept giving McCann kisses and lots of love.

Pizio was so grateful that he saw Lucy on a Facebook post. Just because he thinks he does n’t need another dog does n’t mean he ’s not ready to open his heart to other rescues. Their party was beautiful, and the whole family was very happy that Lucy joined them.