Newly-Adopted Cat Won’t Stop Gazing At His Rescuer

If you live with a cat, you know that they love to observe what you do. But Imgur user theacaciasteph‘s newly-adopted ginger tabby simply cannot take his eyes off her!

Wilbur the kitty seems to gaze at his human everywhere she goes. “I hope he’s staring out of love and not plotting my demise,” the cat-mom wrote.

We’re sure he looks at her with only the purest intentions – the Imgur user says her feline friend is “such a sweetie pie!”

“Perhaps he’s jealous when I hang out with the other cat, Chloe.”

“Watching TV while he watches me.”

“This was when I got home from work, he must’ve learned the sound of my car. He also does them when I’m leaving for work, like I’ve betrayed him.”

“He doesn’t want cuddles, he just wants to stare.”

“Other people to stare at but nope, just me.”

“First thing I saw when I woke up a few weeks ago.”

“This was today.”

“This was today too. I love him regardless of if his creepiness.:)”

After seeing those looks of love, we’d say that this kitty has nothing but affection to give his new family!