No One Comes To This Sweet Tabby Cat’s Birthday Party

Okay, warning, this cat lover cried a lot after hearing this story …

Therefore, if you have a soft spot for cats, I heard that no one from this cat and the birthday party will come to make you cry.

Do n’t say I did n’t warn you!

Sweet Monique
Monique is a cute tabby girl, she recently celebrated her second birthday. Since she spent more than 120 days at the Battersea Cat and Dog House, staff and volunteers have become very attached to the affectionate cat.

“Monique is a very cute and kind kitten,” said Nikki Cummins, communications officer at Battersea. “When she first arrived in Battersea, she was a little shy and took some time to get out, but once she met the people around her, her personality shined and she was always happy to see us.

Despite being a darling, Monique is positive for feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). Therefore, it is difficult to find her eternal home. FIV can be easily managed, which means that sick cats can lead a fulfilling and rich life. However, cats that are considered sick or have special needs are often overlooked. The staff at Battersea are well aware of this fact.

Therefore, they want to do something to help Monique be adopted.

Time to party
Her birthday was on Valentine’s Day, and she attended a party to celebrate!

“Compared to Valentine’s Day, what better time do people have to consider bringing more love into life? Our cat houses attract many tourists, many of whom are considering adopting cats and finding more about how to do it there. Cat knowledge, and see our cats. The staff hope that these decorations will attract everyone to this birthday girl, and entice them to ask what kind of house she is looking for, and in an ideal world, willing to put her bring home.

With decorations, the birthday girl was taken to the front desk and centered.

Everyone is ready for a good day, maybe this will be Monique’s forever home.

But nobody came to Monique ’s birthday party …
Humans are very disappointed, Monique may say, “This is my property, and if I want, I will cry.” However, the gentle tab seems to make all this a big step forward. She is indeed loved and sniffed by employees and volunteers, and attention is one of the cat’s favorite things.

Nicky said: “That day she wiped a lot of cheeks.”

If this cat-lover knows your party, Monique, I will go!

How about any of your cat lovers? Have you ever been there?

Although her birthday comes and goes, let’s celebrate Monique now!

Everyone wishes her a good day!

Home forever?
“Her birthday and Valentine’s Day may have passed, but it’s not too late to give Monique the lovely new home gift she dreams of new,” Chrissie Grindrod, leader of the Battersea battery pack, shared.

Such real words and dream gifts seem to be coming.

Not long ago, Battersea reported that Monique might have found her forever home! Keep your fingers crossed and pet the cute tabby cat.

Happy day, best wishes, sweet Monique. Hope you found your own good family!