Old Cat Comforts Shelter Kittens

Male cats often get a bad rap for being tough Toms who are wild and want little in the way of cuddling. Cat lovers disagree. Boy cats are just as lovey as their lady counterparts. Old Man Harrow proves this every minute of every day.

And rather than being a crabby old man, he’s a sweet Gramps of a cat with much love for the stray kittens of Alley Cat Rescue.

Harrow once had a home, but after his human passed away, the grey tabby was turned out on the streets. There, the sweet boy had to deal with the grief of losing his person all alone. He grew ill and thin. When discovered by Alley Cat Rescue, he was, as the staff puts it, “in a shocking state.”

In this photo, we see Harrow happy and healthy, much recovered from severe illness.

When he joined Alley Cat, “he had the worst URI, was in starvation mode, anemia and one of the worst cases of diarrhea. His fur was completely matted and he only had four teeth. One was completely rotten.”

Harrow had a long road to recovery, but with love and safety once more, he healed under the care of rescue staff and volunteers.

Now he spends his days taking care of kittens who need love and healing before going to their forever homes.

Lilac Loves her “GrandPaw” Kitty
Lilac is one of Harrow’s grand kittens. She and her brother came to Alley Cat Rescue in need of medicine and care. While Lilac survived the illness, her brother did not. Suddenly, she was the only kitten.

But Harrow was there for the baby.

Upon meeting, the pair became inseparable. Lilac and Harrow cuddled all the time and judging by the volume of her purring, Lilac the kitten loved her “GrandPaw”. Anytime the pair would part, Lilac would cry for Harrow, and once reunited, she’d turn into a pile of purrs.

Not long ago, the tiny grey kitten had to spend a day at the vet, away from Harrow. On her return, she purred herself to sleep in his stripey arms.

With Harrow and Alley Cat Rescue’s devotion, Lilac grew strong, healthy, happy, and continually hungry. Love Meow reports, “With round-the-clock care, daily fluids, hourly feedings, and lots of cuddles from Grandpa Harrow, Lilac finally got her appetite back and started eating on her own.”

Alley Cat staff said Lilac “loves her food and as you can see often had it all over her face.”

While “GrandPaw” Harrow rubs his head when he’s super comfy and happy, it kind of looks like he thought, “These kittens wear meow!”