One Mind-Blowing Way To Help Save Shelter Cats From Untimely Death

Many shelters all over the country are facing the same problems: overcrowding and underfunding. These shelters run off donations and volunteer work and don’t have adequate support from their communities. They’re battling and cleaning up after irresponsible owners, and taking in what may seem like a never-ending stream of unwanted pets.

When we hear that shelters euthanize perfectly adoptable cats, it’s easy to forget that the people working there are trying to HELP these pets, but the alternative is often very sad – watching these pets suffer and die from an illness that could be treated with funding for vet care, or starve because they can’t afford to feed all their pets.

Shelters that euthanize aren’t run by evil people, just people who feel like they’re out of options and don’t want to watch the animals in their care waste away.

But there are people out there who see this as a problem with a solution and are working to change it. They’re offering a way out to pets and shelters who would otherwise be backed into a sad, dark corner.

The Second Chance Movement provides a way out. It provides funding to charities that move pets from underfunded, overcrowded shelters to no-kill shelters. These heroes fly and drive pets whose time is running out to shelters where there are space and resources for them, and time to find a home. They’re getting a REAL second chance to live, love, and be loved!

You don’t have to be a pilot or driver to be a hero and help out! You can show your support and contribute to the Second Chance Movement through the iHeartCats store. When you buy an item (like the Second Chance Movement Black Matte Necklace) you’re also buying time, travel, and hope for a shelter pet. You’re giving support to a shelter who needs it, and you’re showing the people there that someone else cares what happens to these pets when it may seem that no one does.

This necklace helps provide a way out of a kill-shelter for a pet in need.