Pit Bull Rescued After Being Trapped In Porta Potty

When she decided to use a portable toilet in a park in Michigan, a kind woman never expected to be a hero. She opened the potty door to reveal the dog she needed. A poor bulldog was abandoned in a crate, which was fixed in the bathroom with a zipper. He had no food or water, and he shivered alone in the cold. Therefore, the woman cut the zipper from the box and asked for help without hesitation.

The dog was taken to the Port Humane Society and named Jon. He gave rescuers many kisses and expressed more love for the new caregiver. Humane society refers to the woman who rescued him as a “human angel”. She may have saved his life that day.

The staff of the humane society is not sure how long he stayed alone. He showed no signs of abuse. In fact, he was a very happy dog, and he quickly adapted to the new life of the shelter.

The Animal Control Bureau knows the situation, so they are trying to find out what happened. They have been looking for Jon’s last family, but have not found any information.

No dog should experience everything Jon has experienced. I hope he will find a loving home soon!

If you meet Jon in person, you will not be able to tell Jon’s past. He was a very happy dog ​​and fell in love with everyone he met. He likes to play with toys and steals the hearts of all staff at Harbor Humane.

Humane society still knows a lot about Jon. They are not sure how old he is or where he came from. They need to ensure that all his vaccines are healthy and up to date. Therefore, he will stay in the shelter for about a week before he can be adopted.

Jon’s situation is very unusual, but stray dogs like him are found almost every day. Without the help of the community, Harbor Humane can hardly take care of them. Therefore, if you want to help a needy dog-like Jon, please donate to the Harbour Humane Society. Every donation will change the dog’s life.