Rare Calico Kitten Treasure Rescued From The Trash

Do you know the strange feeling when you hear a cat cry in the wrong place in public? However, this kind of meowing sound is unlikely to appear where you are, you think the ear of the cat lover is lying to you.

Then the cry started again.

No sound is heard, the cat needs rescue.

This happened to a well-meaning woman and kitten her named Martyr.

She heard the kitten crying over and over again. Following the painful meow, she traced the sound to the trash can. Looking inside, she found a kitten.

A newborn kitten.

The baby is still so young and has not opened his eyes. Due to her experience with kittens, she estimated that Taoists are about a week old. He is in poor health.

She grabbed the kitten from the trash bin and found that Martyr was a white cotton cloth, the baby boy’s leg was broken, and the gangrene’s claws.

This kind woman had raised kittens in the past and she knew what to do for this abandoned lover. Between daily bottle feeding and the main TLC, calico kittens are starting to get stronger and stronger. Despite the amazing care provided by the new fur mom and the veterinarian, the infection in the kitten ’s hind foot was too strong. Before the kitten opened his eyes, his paws had been lost.

Priceless treasure in the trash

While at the vet, the woman learned another fact about her new kitten. The kitten is indeed white cotton, but he is a male. According to the rescuer’s niece, “The veterinarian said that printed cotton cloth is rare for men. It is indeed a special boy!”

The martyr is a male calico. He will be an infertile adult but still needs sterilization.

Rare or not, Martyr is precious and loved by his family. While his fur mom had fostered rescue kitty cats in the past, she couldn’t part with Martyr because she knew in her heart, they were forever family. In spite of his terrifying beginnings, “He’s a normal happy kitty, healthy as a horse.”