Rescue Dog Pays It Forward To Save Another In Need

Saving a dog on the brink of starvation was all about teamwork for a group of rescuers in Dallas, Texas. Brady, an eight-month-old Mastiff, was found on the streets so weak he could barely lift his head. He needed help from staff at the Dallas Shelter, volunteers at DFW Rescue Me, veterinary professionals, and one very special pup. Without eight-year-old Rose, Brady wouldn’t have survived his first night off the streets.

As a rescue dog herself, Rose is no stranger to heartache. She was found two years ago injured, malnourished, and afraid. DFW Rescue Me saved her life and helped her find a family, and now she’s a happy girl with a lot of love to give. When she first met Brady, her owner, Dennis Moore, said there was an instant connection. Dennis told WFAA,

“She stood there and looked at him for a few minutes. It’s like she felt sorry for him.”

Severely anemic and suffering from mange and parasites, Brady needed immediate veterinary attention. Even with the best care, no one was sure he’d survive the night. One of the first things he needed was blood. He was extremely weak, and a blood transfusion was the only way to give him the strength to heal. That’s where Rose came in.

Rose donated blood to her fellow rescue dog two days in a row. If vets would have waited or if Rose wasn’t available right away, Brady wouldn’t have made it. DFW Rescue Me president and co-founder Jim Wenger said,

“They said literally if she hadn’t given blood that day he wouldn’t have made it through the night.”

After a scary first few days, Brady’s rescuers started feeling hopeful for his recovery. He could interact with people around him and began showing interest in his environment. It was clear he was happiest, however, with Rose.

Rose and Brady became fast friends. Still weak, Brady started showing his true personality whenever his life-saving blood donor was in the room. At the same time, Rose treated Brady like part of the family. Dennis said she acted “like a mother” to the eight-month-old pup and was more than happy to welcome him into her home.

Now that Brady is on the road to recovery, he’s enjoying life with both Rose and Dennis. He’ll stay with them as a foster while he puts on weight and gains strength. When he was first rescued, he weighed only 20 pounds (a healthy Mastiff of his age should weigh 50-60 pounds). Now, three weeks later, he has gained 30 pounds, his skin is healing, and he’s finally free to enjoy being a puppy. He’s not at the finish line yet, but he has Rose, Dennis, and everyone else at DFW Rescue Me cheering him on.

If you’d like to donate to help Brady’s recovery, visit the DFW Rescue Me website.