Rescuers Find Mangy Dog Looking Like A Burn Victim Wandering The Streets

When a stray dog named Monk was rescued off the streets, he was like a raw, open wound.

The Great Dane/ Pit Bull mix had such a serious case of mange that veterinarians in Memphis, Tennessee treated him like he was a burn victim.

Street Dog Foundation rallied support for Monk and thanks to their generous supporters they received donations to provide him the prolonged medical care he needed.

The puppy needed daily scrub baths to treat his infected skin and a special feeding regime as he was seriously underweight.

Alli, one of the volunteers, watched his progress carefully every day and after many months she came to a decision that would give Monk his happily ever after!

Watch his amazing healing journey in the video below! Seeing him go from skinny and hairless to running and healthy with his fur back to its original grey and white is so heartwarming.

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