Rescuers’ Loving Weapons Washed Away The Kitten’s Stormy Fear

Anyone who has tried to remove cats from hiding when they do n’t want to know that this operation is a test of your patience and ingenuity.

Rescuers reminded a kitten in the storm to undergo such an operation. Underground, in the feces and garbage, a kitten is trapped in the drain. Without help, he may die alone in the trash.

The kind hearts at Hope for Paws couldn’t standby and let such tragedy unfold.

When Eldad Hagar, co-founder of Hope for Paws, received the call about the kitten, he enlisted JoAnn Wiltz, “rescue ninja” as his trusty assistant. Together the pair descended into the drains beneath a Los Angeles street and followed the tiny meows of distress.

You’ve Got To Get Creative To Catch a Cat
The pair found the kitten in a pipe too small for them to enter and the scared baby cat refused to come to either of them. Eldad and JoAnn knew they would be underground awhile, leaving the manholes in the city sidewalks wide open. To avoid anyone from getting hurt, they asked Josefina Vasquez to watch the street above to keep folks from falling in while the pair worked.

JoAnn guarded one end of the pipe with a large net to keep the tabby kitten from escaping while Eldad situated himself at the other end. There, he was armed with a long pole, a lot of tapes, and an idea. It took some finagling to reach the kitten, but Eldad managed to push the stubborn boy toward JoAnn.

When they finally caught hold of the kitten, he received snuggles, food, and a warm bed where the little boy learned about comfort and security. The grey tabby also acquired the name Splinter.

On Facebook, Hope for Paws wrote, “With the winter here, rain, floods, little kittens have no chance to survive in storm drains, and I am so happy that people know to call Hope For Paws for help!”

In order to prepare a permanent home for the little boy cat, Sprint spent some time in the No. 8 Memorial Cat Foundation. Their mission is “to provide care, shelter and success for homeless domestic cats, a loving adoption”. Raising Splinter into a healthy and happy kitten, Room 8 completed the task. The dedicated cat lover quickly matched him with his special human.

A photo of the new family was posted in Conference Room 8 and wrote: “This little guy ‘Splinter’ broke into their arms and became his eternal home! Big Hugs & Love❤️to ‘Hope for Paws🐾'”.

Thank you to all the kind hearts that helped this kitten find him forever home.