Scared Mother Tries To Find A Safe Place For Her Puppy

“Love all dogs” received a phone call from a worried dog lover, saying that she found a puppy in the bushes. Worried about the safety of the puppies, the mother quickly moved the baby to another hideout. Unfortunately, she did not realize that her new hiding place would put all of them in danger.

When rescuers responded to the original call, the puppies were long gone. Mother has moved them away, so all the rescue can do is wait until they are found again. Two days later, these puppies were found again, but this time they needed immediate help.

Rescuers found the puppies hiding in a pile of cold mud under the truck. Mother did everything she could to make the baby avoid the public’s sight in the best way she knew, without realizing the risk of the baby freezing in the cold mud.

The rescuers picked up the shivering puppies one by one, then dried them with a warm towel, and the mother’s dog stood and watched. They rescued all five puppies from the hiding place under the truck and planned to take their mother together.

The mother was obviously scared because she stood trembling and watched the rescuers pick up each puppy. After several attempts to catch her, it became clear that she was reluctant to participate.

The puppies are getting weaker and weaker, so rescuers know that if they want to save these five small lives, they must rush back to the clinic as soon as possible. They decided not to take their mother away but promised that she would come back.

In the days after the rescue, they returned to the place where they first found the family. Helpless mothers are nowhere to be found.

They shared a picture of their mother’s dog on Facebook to spread the news and hope to reunite her with her baby. Two days later, they got the tip they were looking for. Mother was found 15 miles away from the original rescue location.

Once they arrived at the dump where she was found, they soon knew that she had spent her life here. In addition to the reality that the poor herself has always plagued her, she recently threw every puppy in the last litter to these elements. This poor mother did everything she could to ensure the safety of the current garbage.

After patiently waiting for her to act alone, rescuers were finally able to capture her. She will see her puppy again!

Mom and her babies are very happy to be reunited. With the arrival of their new comfortable foster home, they have a new cute name. Snow White and her five dwarfs.

Snow White and her five dwarfs are now fully healthy and will soon set off to New York to find their eternal home. We are very happy that Snow White can see her child on this trip and hope to find her loving home!